10 Foster Homes That Saved Lives

Fostering is everything when it comes to dog rescue. There are things that can be accomplished in a shelter, but some issues – mainly behavioral ones – can only be resolved in a good foster home. Fostering is not just about temporarily placing an animal in a home, because there is no space available elsewhere, it is mainly about preparing a dog for his forever home, and if it is done properly, it can be life saving.


He was rescued at three months of age, with severe mange and extremely fearful. His foster mum Elizabeth – with the advice of a professional trainer – managed to turn him into a social, happy puppy within a month. He has been adopted. Watch his journey here.


2 Cinnamon

Rescued at 17 (!). After her elderly owners died, the relatives chased her around the house with sticks and abused her for weeks. She turned into a wild, angry cat, who would not even let you go near her. She spent months in her foster home, being mainly cared for by Katie, a volunteer in her 70s. After hating people for months, Cinnamon finally trusted us, and we managed to pet her a few weeks ago. Her full story here.


3 Spok & Nicky

Both paralyzed – Spok after being kicked and Nicky after being shot – they are being fostered by an amazing woman, Linda, until a forever home is available. She is a very dedicated mum, who manages to change dippers, clean up, walk them in their wheelchairs and keep them happy, as if it’s the easiest thing in the world. Watch their video here.

Spok & Nicky

4 Mel

Rescued when still a puppy, after being found abandoned in the middle of a highway. He suffered form mange and a broken leg. He was fostered by Zaira for months, until he finally left for his forever home in Holland a few months ago. His story here.


5 Frog (aka Prince)

Found wandering the streets in northern Greece with a broken spine, two broken legs, shot and starving. Basically moribund. We named him frog because of the way he walked. Nafsica, who traveled 800 kilometers to get him and bring him back to Athens fostered him until he recovered, and also escorted him to his  forever home in Venice. His mum now calls him Prince. His story here.


6 Shadow

Shadow was rescue when very sick. She survived on her own, feeding off corpses and living on a garbage pile. She was a wild one, not friendly, not easy to handle, not accepting the leash, not accepting you near her. There are only a handful of people who would let a dog like her into their own home, and Zaira is one of them. She has been fostering Shadow for a few weeks now, crate training her and slowly teaching her how to trust. She is being fed only by hand and for now she only takes small walks in the apartment and on the balcony, as she still refuses to go through the door. Her story so far here.


7 Joy

Joy was the victim of a hit and run. She was found with two broken legs and pneumothorax, due to the force of the collision. In order for her legs to heal properly, after the surgery, the vet suggested swimming. Her foster mum, Elizabeth has been taking her swimming and driving her from one orthopedic to another. Her story here.


8 Oliver

Oliver was rescued with severe mange, leishmaniasis and almost starving to death. After his recovery he was fostered by Linda for more that TWO long years, until he was finally adopted just a while ago. The happy, playful dog I met when I visited him had nothing to do with the fearful animal he used to be. His story here.


9 Billy

Well…this is me. Most of you know me because of this story, so I figured it would be weird not to mention him. Besides, his viral video was all about fostering and letting go of that dog. I have talked too much about him already and it’s been two years already, so, in case you are not familiar with the story, you can watch it here.


10 Kallie

Ah…my precious. Kallie’s paws have been the cover photo of my channel since forever, and there is a reason for that. I have thought about changing it, but I simply can’t. She was my biggest challenge, and not because of her medical issues (leishmaniasis), but because of her behavioral ones. Kallie’s separation anxiety made us believe that she would never get adopted. Since her rescue she had gone through three different foster homes, two failure adoptions and a shelter. Every time her problem would grow bigger, to the point where the neighbors would call the police because of her screaming for hours. I fostered her three times, and the last time I finally dealt with her problem (almost). She was finally adopted by an amazing man, willing to work with her, and to whom I will be grateful till the day I die. Her video here (don’t comment on my slippers at the beginning…nor the leggings!).



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