Flamingo Found Weak And Alone On A Beach In Greece Is Now Safe

Flamingo rescue? Well, why not? On a beach in Antirrio, near the town of Nafpactos in western Greece, various people had spotted a male flamingo, wandering alone. It appeared weak and dehydrated.

The flamingo wandering alone on the beach

The nearby Messsolonghi lagoon – one of the most important Mediterranean lagoons, is a unique ecosystem with salt lakes, home to folks of flamingos and species of birds.

The flamingo with its “foster mum”.

Apparently, the flamingo drifted away and ended up on the beach of Antirrio, weakened and disorientated. It was taken in temporarily by a local volunteer, and with the valuable advice of ANIMA, the Wildlife Protection Organization, he was given the proper food and water.

In his “foster home”, with a pool of sweet water, and two washbowls, with bird seeds and eggs.

The flamingo was then transferred in a cardboard box to Athens, where the headquarters of ANIMA are. ANIMA keeps birds and other wildlife animals there, until they receive the treatment needed and after they recover, they are released to the wild.

The flamingo in the ANIMA “infirmary”. Once he is strong enough, he will be released.

It is a charity dedicated to protecting wildlife in Greece. The government could not care less really, and ANIMA is based on volunteer work and donations alone. You can take a look at their website and Facebook page – both are in Greek, but the photos will give your daily “aww” dose.

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