A Song For The Unwanted

Every time I try to write about the Save a Greek Stray shelter, the words just seem too small and I   can never express what   being able to volunteer there really means.

My shift is every Wednesday – it’s the only day I have enough time to drive all the way there, spend as many hours as I want with the dogs and drive back home with my heart filled with too many emotions that take about a week to  calm down.

I hadn’t been able to get there for…too many weeks in a row, and today I finally made it.  And there is so much to say and post about it, that  I can go on forever and ever.  I am too overwhelmed to do any of that today, I only keep repeating this tune in my head, so I will let you enjoy that – everything I feel today is in the lyrics. The video clip was filmed at the shelter. Some have been adopted and some are still waiting for a chance to prove they are worthy “to be around”.

*Adopt. You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it.




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