Abandoned At 17, This Elderly Cat Finally Trusted Her Rescuers

Abandoned, betrayed, chased around the house with sticks, hurt and abused at the age of 17, Cinnamon was rescued from the only place she ever knew as “home”.

After her elderly owners passed away, within a few months from one another, Cinnamon was left under the care of the woman who used to take care of the elderly couple and the relatives, who wanted nothing to do with her.

At 17, Cinnamon was trapped in her own home


At 17, Cinnamon was trapped in her own home, with strangers who would beat and chase her around, intimidate and bully her. She was taken in by SCARS in the summer of 2016. She suffers from pancreatic cancer, which causes the hair loss, and does not have a lot of time left.

She spent five lonely, very lonely months, hating people.


For months Cinnamon would not be approached. Her eyes were full of hate and mistrust, and every time we tried to sweep the floor, the sight of the broom would infuriate her even more. She spent five lonely, very lonely months, hating people.


All SCARS volunteers wondered about who she really was. Was she always the lonely cat, who wanders around the house like a ghost, or was it the wickedness of the relatives who made her so hateful? I always believed it was the latter, until last Wednesday.


I was on my shift at our cat shelter, and I did what I always do. Entered her room, sat beside her, talked to her gently and slightly touched her neck with my sleeve. For the first time, she did not move, nor tried to scratch me. I can barely remember exactly what happened because the first moments after I approached her are blurry. I was in awe.

The more I touched her, the more she relaxed


I took my hand off my sleeve and started petting her. The more I touched her, the more she relaxed. The wall she had built around herself was torn down, and since last Wednesday, she is not the same cat anymore. I still can’t believe she “chose” to trust me – I am definitely not that much of a cat person. But that moment we shared was one of the most special ones I ever shared with any rescue dog or cat, and of course, I started crying like a baby.

she won’t leave this world angry and hateful


Since then Cinnamon is open to all of us – cats do that, I didn’t know. She loves a cuddle and she even started playing, which is more that awesome. Volunteers come and go, everyone wants to finally touch her and she never lets anyone down. The most amazing thing of all is that she won’t leave this world angry and hateful. I don’t know how much time she has left, but we will do everything we can to help her spend it feeling  loved.

For updates on her you can follow the SCARS Facebook page here. Donations are more that welcome. 🙂

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