Abandoned At Seventeen, This Cat Thrived Against All Odds

Abandoned at 17, after losing everything and being abused and mistreated, Cinnamon came to us angry, confused and full of hatred. And while we thought that her days were counted, she didn’t just survive, against all odd, she thrived.

I am a dog person – you might have figured it out already, but what I shared with her can not be out into words, so I won’t even try. I have been been filming her since the days she was rescued by SCARS. For months I thought it would just be a sad requiem – she didn’t really seem to be making any progress, at least not towards humans, and imagining her dying angry, confused and among people she hated was juts too sad.

We thought we had given her a “home” to spend her final days, and for months we believed that this was all we could do. But Cinnamon wanted more from life, and she got it. She is too old,   and too fragile to be put for adoption, so this will be her home, for the time she has left. Beside, home is where the heart is, and her heart is finally with us, even if it took her six months to surrender.

You can follow the SCARS facebook page here. Huge thanks to Frieden für Pfoten for always being there for our rescues.

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8 thoughts on “Abandoned At Seventeen, This Cat Thrived Against All Odds”

    1. She is doing fine! In June we will celebrate her 18th birthday! We are planning a party for her! (fingers crossed..)

  1. I just watched Cinnamons video last night! How incredibley sad that she had a good life and then it turned upside down and left her in turmoil. How can anyone hurt an animal. They are just not human! Thank God for you saving her life and restoring her broken spirit. She is beautiful! How long was she in the hands of those monsters? Were they incarcerated? They deserve to be punished!

    1. Oh no they were not punished. It is not easy for people to be punished here for animal cruelty.. But Cinnamon is doing great now!

      1. Hi,

        I’m so glad to know that Cinnamon is doing fine! I just watched this video and couldn’t stop weeping for a while. Thank you for doing what you’ve done for Cinnamon and with Cinnamon. You’ve got a beautiful heart and so does Cinnamon. 🙂 God bless both of you.
        I myself used to be a dog person but recently befriended a few community cats in my area. One of them, a male ginger cat about 7 years old, is my favourite. He doesn’t cuddle but when he’s really affectionate, he would rub his head on our footwear and walk between our legs. At times, he would then sit down between my legs (I’m standing) and then just lie down there. I understand how you felt when you didn’t want to leave the room when Cinnamon finally opened up to you. I feel the same way whenever Ginger (as I call him) would simply sit between my legs or right in front of me and not move. I’ll stand for as long as I can just to cherish those rare moments of privacy. Today i even got to stroke his back and a bit of his head and he didn’t flinch. In fact he seemed to enjoy it. I wish I can home him but he seems to prefer living outside as he’s done that for about 6 years, according to what I heard from fellow residents. We live in apartments here in Singapore and my apartment would be too small compared to the outdoor area he roams about in. But my husband and I will continue to look out for him in whatever ways we can. God bless. 🙂

        1. By the way, Ginger was abandoned when he was about 1 year old I think. So he’s quite used to living outdoors. A few residents here feed him and the other cats here, So they’re quite well taken care of. The male cats have also been neutered.

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