Abandoned And Sick – Seven Kittens Piled Up In A Box

It was about a month ago, on October 2017. I was in the main foster place of SCARS, where Katie and Mariana foster about 30 cats in different rooms of their house, making a video on one of our rescues.


As Mariana was showing me out, we noticed the box right outside their front gate, and knew exactly what it was all about. It’s not the first time something like this happened and it won’t be the last. Casper was found there, tied in the front gate with a note, so were the three white kittens, left in a box in the nearby trashcan, and so were many others that I never had a chance to film.


The room where the kittens were taken had just been emptied one day ago, and we hadn’t even have a chance to clean it up. All six of them (including Rufus that passed away a couple of days later) are of different age, color and size. They probably come from an infected feral colony where nobody spays or neuters, or – worse- from a hoarder, because their condition was devastating. They all smelled horribly, suffered from eye infections, diarrheas, dermatological problems, they were malnourished and dehydrated. All of them.

If you wish to adopt one of the kittens, please email the charity at: info@scars.gr or message their Facebook page.  Donations are more than welcome.

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