Animals In Greece This Week (again)

I had been wanting to do this for so long. This is the second one of these videos and making them is probably a way for me to “get it out of my system”. What happens here in Greece every single day can never be covered by my daily blogs or a rescue video I upload per week.

For every story you see, read or hear, there are about a dozen others that you will never hear about. Sometimes it is even hard for me to browse through my Facebook wall, because it is all just too much and most of the times there is nothing I can do apart from crying. Greece is a country where animal abuse cases never make it on TV, I mean never. If a dog bites a human, it is on the news for weeks, and all of us are left helpless, trying to convince random people on the street that our dogs will not kill them. But if a human hangs, drown, beats or burns (I am not joking) a dog or cat, the story is only meant for “internal consumption”, being shared and reshared among animal lovers and that’s it.

At least one of the stories in this video deserved to be on TV, and the public needs to be educated by people other than me or you. So if you share, please hashtag #Greek_TV (you never know…)

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