Animals In Greece This Week | Special Episode 14

Animals in Greece this week started as a crazy idea, and now I am addicted. With more and more stories piling up every week, the situation is so ridiculous that irony and sarcasm seem the only way to deal with all that.

What happens here every day is so overwhelming, that it simply feels ridiculous. If I don’t laugh about it, I will cry, and there is already a lot of misery around animal welfare, so I am counting on some originality for a change. There are about 15 stories in each video, and every time I bust my head trying to figure out which ones to select. Had I been presenting everything I see in my Facebook homepage every week, the video would be longer than a Tarkovsky film. Each and every one of this stories paints a pretty good picture of how things work here in Greece, politically, economically and socially, and this is…interesting (?) and at the same time overwhelming and devastating. Thank you for reading this – if tragicomedy is not your kind of humor, just skip these types of videos.

* Sorry for uploading one day after The day of the Dead – Animals in Greece is always posted on Fridays (it was filmed on Thursday though!)

* These videos are meant to be humiliating the people responsible, and never the animals.

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2 thoughts on “Animals In Greece This Week | Special Episode 14”

  1. Dear Valia,
    I don’t normally bother to leave comments because so many are inane and trite and mawkish,and I don’t want to fall into that trap.I hope you will take the following as genuine and sincere expressions of admiration for what you are trying to do,and not merely another trivial comment made by someone with nothing better to do.I can’t begin to fully understand the sheer frustration you must feel,not only with your own countrymen and their unbelievably callous attitude to animal suffering,but to the fact that Greece is the ‘cradle of civilisation’ and yet doesn’t include animals in this.I’ve been involved with animals,both professionally and personally mostof my life,and as I’ve got older I have almost despaired of the human race ever reaching a point where it will recognise that animals are our equals and many ways our superiors.The human race has so much to atone for and shows no sign of doing so………perhaps we will only do it whewn we are compelled to by circumstances outside our control.Those of us who,like yourself,recognise the unspoken bonds between animals and humans,are sadly in a minority,and possibly always will be,but be aware that some of us recognise the beautiful soul you are and share the pain and frustration you feel.Don’t give up,you’re needed.Lots of love.

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