Before And After Adoption – Ten Rescue Dogs That Prove What A Home Can Do

Before after usually comes with pictures of sick, emaciated, and abused dogs on the one end, and their photos after they have recovered on the other. But there is another type of before after that only rescuers and adoptive parents get to experience.

adoption is the “after” we are all waiting for

The photos might not be so amazing, they may not catch the eye nor be shared like crazy, but adoption is the “after” we are all waiting for. Even for dogs that have recovered from severe diseases, no photo of them healed and healthy, behind kennel doors, can be compared to the ones coming from home, and no rescuer can ever do what the adoptive parent will.

no rescuer can ever do what the adoptive parent will.

So, here are ten (nine really) dogs that I have met, helped and loved, in their forever homes – focus on their eyes, and you’ll see what I mean.

1 My Apollo. I found one day right outside my apartment, looking at me with those sad eyes.


2 My Laura, brought from Hungary to Greece as a puppy, but was never sold. The cherry eye and her fearful character made her reach the age of two and a half years old as an unwanted dog, until I adopted her in 2011.


3 Catrin. Found on the side of the road, feeding off the garbage and being chased by packs of male dogs. She was placed for adoption by SCARS, and found her parents on an adoption day, in May 2016.


 4 Scarlet, rescued by Save a Greek Stray. She came in with her leg shattered, and had to be amputated. She was one of the quietest and saddest dogs at the shelter, and now she is one of the funniest dogs ever, thanks to her mum, Gina.


5 Alma, rescue by ZEIL. i picked her up from a mountain one night, where she had been abandoned by her owner. She was treated for leishaniasis and became a spoilt princess in her forever home.


6 Tool, rescue by ZEIL. His owner abandoned him on a mountain, tied to a tree in the middle of the night, at the age of 9. Lone adopted him a few months later, and managed to turn him into a puppy once again.


7 Evita, rescued by Save a Greek Stray. She recovered from severe mange, and became a gorgeous dog. We never saw that smile in her eyes while she was at the shelter, and I almost did not recognize her, when her mum sent me her photos from home.


8 My Blue. I rescued her from a beach on August 2016. She would follow people around, begging for someone to take her home. She was taken in by SCARS and was adopted in Holland, and today, she also has her own Facebook page!


9 My Pela, found on a beach, pregnant and begging for food. She is actually still for adoption by SCARS, but she has been staying at home with me for six months now, and.. well, you know. She’s actually at home.


10. The one you will rescue.





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