Very Big Dogs – Things To Know About Them

Very big dogs are probably the most underestimated and misunderstood of all dogs – at least here in Greece. The common perception about them is that they need “space”.

I haven’t heard anything more ridiculous in my life – it’s like saying that obese people need bigger apartments. It is discriminating, absurd and utterly unfair. And above all, it shows lack of knowledge and ignorance.

It is discriminating, absurd and utterly unfair

I’m sorry – I hope you are not offended. I am just very angry right now. I am angry every time I come back from a walk with Tina, my giant rescue shepherd. Apart from the fact that she keeps going to people expecting to be petted and all she gets is a mixture of rejection and fear, I keep hearing the same @##$% from people who hear that she is looking for a home: “oh, I wish I had a garden”.


Seriously? Does your obese neighbor live in the garden while his wife sleeps indoors? WTF? I’m sorry to be the one to brake it to you, but there is absolutely no difference between my giant Tina and the tiny Maltese you imagine sleeping next to your bed at nights (or in it).

Here are some things to know about these giants:

  1. Most of them come house trained. I don’t really know why, but adopting a very big dog means that you will probably not have to do any house training yourself. All rescuers know it, and every owner of a giant dog knows it too.

  2. They make perfect indoor pets – they just need a bigger bed to lay on.

  3. They are excellent on a lead. Like very big people, big dogs do not have the energy that small ones do. Carrying all that weight forces them to save energy whenever they can.

  4. After living with one of them for a few weeks, it will not feel that big anymore. In fact, you will forget about the size completely (unless you are one of those who choose the very big ones so that you can brag about it).

  5. They are calm and quiet pets. As I said, they are forced to save energy, and this makes them perfect couch potatoes.

  6. They are not so expensive to maintain. Buying a small sized purebred might result in you paying thousands of dollars on vet bills – much more than what you would pay to maintain a 50 kilo dog.

  7. They do not belong in a garden, they belong with you. Unless you sleep in the garden, very big dogs prefer to lie on your feet than looking at you from the other side of the window.

  8. They make perfect pets for lazy people – but not as lazy as to let the dog out in the garden instead of walking him. They need their daily walks, the enjoy them a lot and the reason why you rarely see people walking their giant shepherds on the street is because of that ridiculous misconception that “they belong in the garden”.

I walk with Tina three times a day, and I can tell from people’s faces on the street that they cannot really comprehend what they are looking at. They can’t understand how it is possible that I can walk a dog that looks double my size without being pulled and dragged around, but most of all they can’t understand why I walk her. They have never seen it before, because all the Tina’s in Greece are locked up in a garden somewhere in the suburbs, guarding a moron’s property. Disgusting. Ridiculously disgusting.

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4 thoughts on “Very Big Dogs – Things To Know About Them”

  1. Hey Valia, Tina would fit in my bed (Sascha sleeping in the garden)!
    Seriously, how old is she? And what about Valery?

  2. Is Tina still looking for a home? She looks absolutely adorable. We have two rescue King Charles Spaniels seven and six. The only downside is we live in the UK. Any chance?

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