Black Dog Day – Reasons To Adopt An Ebony Friend

Black dogs suffer more discrimination than any other dogs, and so do black cats. This is a fact, and even if most people don’t realize it, they tend to overlook them and move on to the next dog. The reasons why this happens range from silly to too complicated, but since October 1st is Black Dog Day, in this post, I only want to focus on why you should adopt a black four-legged friend.

Johan, Sebastian and Bach we three siblings rescued by Save a Greek Stray. Today they are all adopted. But think, which one did you focus on when you first saw the photo? Did you tend to overlook the puppy in the middle?
  1. Black dogs are rarely preferred, so adopting one is a simple way for you make a difference.
  2. Black dogs always look clean.
Billy, my one and only Billy. Mange had deprived him of his beautiful fur, but once he recovered, his silky, ebony coat grew back.
  1. Black dogs are easy to groom.
  2. Black dog look good in any color. Choosing a collar, a bed, or a leash for them is a piece of cake.
Gorgeous Pauline, enjoying the rain. She was rescued by Save a Greek Stray. For adoption.
  1. They will not mess up your elegant black winter coat or expensive suit.
  2. They are mysterious.
Pastelis. Rescued by Save a Greek Stray. For adoption.
  1. They will look good in every photo.
  2. They will look good next to you, no matter what you wear.
Jade, rescued by ZEIL. She was found brutally abused, with embedded wire in her legs and throat. Adopted.
  1. They will love you just like a white, a brown or a yellow dog will.
  2. They are available.
Rico and Rafiq, rescued by ZEIL. Abandoned since puppies, they waited two years in the shelter, and were adopted together. Today, they even have this own Facebook page!

In a nutshell, there are many reasons to adopt a black dog and absolutely no reason not to. They are as loving, fun and loyal as any other dog and they are waiting for you. Shelters are packed with them, so pay them a visit, and choose one. 🙂

One of the luckiest dogs ever, Sofi, rescued by Save a Greek Stray. Apart from being mix breed and black, distemper had left her with muscular problems. But nothing prevented her mum from seeing her kind soul and adopting her.


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