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Blind Cats: Can They Have A Normal Life?

Can blind cats have a normal life? Yes! The answer is most definitely yes. The brain rewires itself to boost the remaining senses, and especially if they are born blind, they can even trick you into believing that they might not actually suffer 100% sight loss. Blind cats suffer a lot of discrimination and having one adopted is never an easy task, but once you get to meet one blind kitten, you’ll soon realize that it can be as playful, funny and happy as any other healthy feline friend. In fact the way they manage to overcome their problem makes most blind kittens appear smarter than the rest.

blind cats
Virgil, rescued and up for adoption by SCARS

So, here is what blind cats can do:

  1. Play
  2. Socialize
  3. Walk around the house without bumping into stuff
  4. Fetch
  5. Find their food and water without falling into the bowl
  6. Explore
  7. Have fun
  8. Be walked outside on a lead
  9. Clean themselves or a friend

They can’t:

  1. Read (but then again, neither do normal cats)
  2. Survive on their own as strays
blind cats
Destiny, rescued and up for adoption by SCARS

Tips for helping your blind cat:

  1. Keep the food, the water, the litter box and her bed in the same spot
  2. Avoid rearranging the furniture – cats “mind-map” the house, and moving things around can be confusing
  3. Safeguard danger zones
  4. If you keep other pets, attach a bell to them – they may serve as the blind cat’s guides
  5. Talk to your cat. It helps her track you down
  6. Be careful when you have guests. Cats don’t like being stepped on.
  7. Speak to your cat before petting her, otherwise you might startle her – and nobody wants to startle a cat
blind cats
Tabby, rescued by SCARS. Adopted

One final – and most important – tip: Stop feeling sorry for them. Pity is just projecting your human perception of the society. Blind cats don’t feel inferior, they don’t realize that there’s anything wrong with them and are not bullied by their schoolmates at school for being special. They don’t feel special, they don’t act as if they’re special and they are not treated by other cats as something different.

blind cats
Our latest rescue – don’t feel sorry for him, he’s one of the lucky ones

For us in Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, it’s blind kitten season. Comments like “Oh, poor thing” and “I’m so sorry” come and go, but adoption requests simply don’t. Our kittens are perfectly healthy, happy and able to outwit any normal kitten with no sight problems, and adopting one of them only means adopting a healthy, happy and smart animal. Just give them a chance. Oh, and here’s one final reason to adopt a stray kitten: most cats that are born blind have their whiskers and eyebrows grow larger than normal cats and that is simply too cute.

blind cats
Misa, rescues by SCARS. Adopted

Are you convinced already? Not yet?? Still skeptical??? Here’s one last thing. Just watch our latest rescues, Virgil, Destiny and Blinkin play and think: would you have noticed that they’re blind, if I hadn’t told you?

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  1. Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary on Facebook is a lovely group that keeps at least 80 blind cats= visit their page i think you will enjoy what they do and how happy their blind cats are

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