Blind Kitten Walks Into Cafeteria Looking For Someone To Love Her – And She Succeeds

Blind cats are amazing. If you have fostered, adopted or just met one, you’ll know what I mean. The fact that they have lost their sight makes them smarter in a way. They are obliged to use their brains more, and figure out what to do with their remaining senses, in order to survive.

About a week ago, a customer of a cafeteria in southern Athens sent me a couple of videos of a blind 5 month old kitten, cuddling and sleeping on his friend’s lap. I am not sure where she came from, but kittens born blind do not survive unless they are rescued soon enough, and five months is a long time to make it on your own.

On our way home

A friend and I were there the next day, and there she was, among the tables, looking for the people that were not there, because it was freezing cold that day, so nobody was out enjoying the sunshine, like the previous day. We didn’t even have to “rescue” her really. She just felt that we were there and she went like “Oh here you are! I have been waiting. let’s get into the box and get the hell out of here”.


My girl is a Tortoiseshell cat, and the Greek name for this specific cat that only comes out in female – one of nature’s weird habits – is Tartarouga. So I named my girl Tarta, Greek word for Tart – she is the sweetest little kitten I have ever met anyway.

With Mariana, her foster mum

Fostering a cat is too difficult for me (you might have guessed by now), and the SCARS “Golden girls”, Katie and Mariana offered to take her in. I took my girl to the room they have “reserved” exclusively for the special needs rescues, and the next day everyone fell in love with her, like I knew they would.

Tarta’s character is best described in the SCARS post about her, so I’ll just quote:

” Blind cats can’t see the colors, but they can feel them. They feel the gray of the indifference, the fear and the unknown, like they feel all the joyful colors of the rainbow in some rare moments within the day, the red of human contact, the blue of security and the yellow or warmth. Their world changes from black and white to colorful and then back to black and white again every single moment, as they fight between the unknown and the familiar. Tarta was born blind. She doesn’t know what the world is like for all of us, so she believes that it is the same as it is for her. She thinks that life is that scary thing that changes colors from one moment to the other, that becomes gray and cold within seconds, as this tender hand that pets you disappears leaving you alone, in the darkness. Our little one was found in a cafeteria, begging the customers for some colors, and she is the most tender creature we have ever met. She purrs, and she rubs herself against you and she keeps licking, as if she is trying, with her remaining senses, to devour all the colors, the colors that only she can feel, that only she knows how beautiful they are.”


Tarta is up for adoption by SCARS. If you are interested you can email the charity at: You can follow her progress in the charity’s Facebook page. Donations are more than welcome.

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  1. Όποιος επιλέξει να την υιοθετήσει θα είναι πολύ τυχερός! Έχω έναν τυφλό γατούλη, ο οποίος με τον τρόπο του κάθε μέρα εδώ και 2,5 χρόνια μου υπενθυμίζει ότι τη στιγμή που τον πήρα από το παρτέρι μιας ταβέρνας, έπαιρνα την πιο σωστή αυθόρμητη απόφαση της ζωής μου!!!

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