Carrying A Bullet Across Europe – A Puppy’s Wheelie Adventures

Shot when she was only a few weeks old, in a village somewhere in central Greece, Nicky was left paralyzed. The bullet remained stuck in her spine, and it cannot be removed, so Nicky will be carrying the evidence of the worst of humanity in her tiny little body for the rest of her life.

The first vet Nicky was taken to, suggested that they put her to sleep – but that was not an option. A paralyzed dog can have a good life, as long as it is being taken care of properly. Nicky will probably never walk again, but she might regain some usage of her back legs with proper physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Today she is happily adopted in the UK, and she shares her daily adventures in her Facebook page – I swear, if you knew her, you would think that it is actually her talking (well, writing..).

There were a lot of people involved in Niki’s rescue, including:
Her rescuer Ermioni, her foster mum Linda,  New Hope Dog Squad that found Niki’s amazing family,
Follow Niki’s Facebook page here.

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