Cat Hit With Fishing Spear And Thrown Down A Sewer Drain Makes An Amazing Recovery

Being a stray in Greece means being on death row basically. They are in constant danger, and risk being poisoned, ran over on simply subject to the most innovative and ridiculous types of animal cruelty that you can imagine.

Spear was a stray cat, and as her name implies, she was hit with a fishing spear and thrown down a drain in the town of Loutraki. She was spotted by local volunteers, who managed to rescue her with the help of the fire department.

She remained hospitalized for three weeks in the clinic of the local vet, Maria Belivani. Spear made a full recovery, and after her injuries were healed, she was taken in by SCARS, a charity in Athens.

Spear is now in the foster care of Katie and Mariana, two of the oldest and most experienced of the SCARS volunteers. There is nothing wrong with her anymore, nothing else to heal apart from the absolute terror in her beautiful, huge eyes.

What Spear mainly does, until now, is sit in a corner and look at her new foster family. She looks at you right in the eyes, with awe and terror. And how can you blame her? How can you blame her for being afraid all the time of those two legged creatures that belong to the same species that traumatized her and nearly killed her.

SCARS has a huge experience in dealing with the most difficult of cats, and turning them from frightened, wild beings to tender, loving pets. So Spear is in good hands, and she will recover.
She is looking for a forever home, so if you wish to adopt her you can email the charity at: or message their Facebook page.

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  1. Είμαι σίγουρη ότι από τα πανέμορφα ματάκια της θα φύγει ο τρόμος…σιγά σιγά…Της αξίζει να βρει γρήγορα ένα σπίτι γιατί έχει περάσει πολλά χωρίς να έχει φταίξει σε τίποτα…Σας ευχαριστώ μέσα από την καρδιά μου για το έργο που προσφέρετε!!!!

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