The cat that The Sun Adopted

Iron came to us on the first of February 2017 and made a huge impact on everyone. There was something about him, I can’t explain it.

Iron and Powder

He was the kind of cat that made you want to hug him as hard as you can and at the same time just sit in corner and watch him, just watch him, without disturbing his serenity.

All of us kept dreaming about him recovering and finding a home, without realizing that Iron was already home. The cushion in front of the window was where he wanted to be. One day before he died, he had already left us. He turned his back on everything and everyone, and stared at the other side with a wisdom of someone who has lived too many lives already.

Powder in front of the window, after Iron’s death

Huge thanks to all SCARS volunteers, Powder, for being there for him, and Frieden für Pfoten for everything.

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4 thoughts on “The cat that The Sun Adopted”

  1. Old soul or earthly martyr? A victim of fate and human indifference?
    Would gross public negligence be accurate enough a charge to all those -humans- who witnessed him wilting and turned their backs on him regardless?
    You reap what you sow, humanity, and you’re rightly suffering for it. For all the Irons you didn’t save.

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