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Kitten Abandoned On The Street – Someone Do Something

“Someone do something” – I thought it would be more than obvious from the title that it is an awareness video. I had the script ready for quite some time and we were just looking for the right kitten and the right opportunity to come along – it had to be a calm kitten that we could place in a box somewhere and be sure that he would not run off or do anything to hurt itself. Continue reading Kitten Abandoned On The Street – Someone Do Something

Rescue Boxer Saves Mother Cat and Her Kittens

I don’t know where to begin. I met with the “family” for a couple of hours. Elizabeth would take the photos, I’d make the video and basically we would help the kittens find a home – I had even come up with a title for the video already: “Rescue Boxer …bla bla..” But there’s so much more to it than just another “aww” cuteness overload story that I’m not even sure I can give you a clear image of what all that actually means. These six represent so much, basically almost everything we rescuers in Greece fight for, and will keep fighting, until we are no longer needed. Continue reading Rescue Boxer Saves Mother Cat and Her Kittens

Blind Cats: Can They Have A Normal Life?

Can blind cats have a normal life? Yes! The answer is most definitely yes. The brain rewires itself to boost the remaining senses, and especially if they are born blind, they can even trick you into believing that they might not actually suffer 100% sight loss. Blind cats suffer a lot of discrimination and having one adopted is never an easy task, but once you get to meet one blind kitten, you’ll soon realize that it can be as playful, funny and happy as any other healthy feline friend. In fact the way they manage to overcome their problem makes most blind kittens appear smarter than the rest. Continue reading Blind Cats: Can They Have A Normal Life?

Stray Cats In Distress – Why We TNR

Stray cats surviving on the city streets are more or less like convicts on death row – eventually something will put them down. I might be a car, a storm drain, a poisoned dinner some old lady placed next to the garbage bin. It might even be the actual garbage bin that will serve as their death bed, as it is quite common that while they’re looking for food, the truck passes by to collect the garbage and the guy simply doesn’t notice them – or even if he does, he simply couldn’t care less. For a male cat, it could a fight with another male, and for a female one…oh, I don’t even know where to begin. You see, the females have the privilege of giving birth too, and when giving birth on the street, the things that can go wrong are just too many – and this is the main reason why females are always a priority when we TNR. Continue reading Stray Cats In Distress – Why We TNR

TNR – When you Realize that Honeymoon is Over

I grew up among stray cats. Everybody in Greece did. They are everywhere. I grew up thinking that the cats belong in every neighborhood, that they belong in the streets, that they can feed themselves and that’s it. Cats –unlike dogs- have this thing that make you believe they can take care of themselves and just don’t need you. So that’s what I believed as a kid. And every time I saw a little kitten on the street I was told the same lie almost every kid is told. That the kitten is fine and that its mum is coming to get it any time soon. And I believed it. Like many kids still do. Continue reading TNR – When you Realize that Honeymoon is Over