Charity’s Dog Adoption Day Is Followed By A Message From The Neighbors

Are you wondering about the cover image? Well, here is how it goes: the nails hidden in the sausages on the right were left for the dog to consume and die of. Well, not particularly this dog, but for any dog who had the audacity to step foot in the particular DOG park.

Let’s start from the beginning. For weeks, the local charity in my area, ZEIL, had been organizing a dog adoption day – it’s one of those events where volunteers gather the charity’s rescue dogs, dress them up, and take them to a park somewhere, where -if they are lucky- the get to meet their future family.

The invitation to the adoption day

The event was promoted a lot, and this Sunday, dogs looking for people and people looking for dogs met at the local dog park. These events are very important. For rescue dogs hidden up in shelters or foster homes, and not posing all fluffy and cute in pet store windows, it’s their only chance to actually be seen, not be invisible, at least for one day.

The adoption day in the infamous dog park




Two days later, sausages with nails were placed in the dog park by the typical unknown next door neighbor who wakes up one morning and decides to commit mass murder. Coincidence? Nope. Malice, ignorance, and ridiculousness? Yeap.

Coincidence? Nope

It’s not the first time this happens in this particular park. In fact, it happens at least once per month, and people taking their dogs often there have even tried to guard the place themselves, hoping to catch the murderer in the act.

A video from ZEIL’s adoption day of 2014:

I haven’t taken my dogs there for more than a year. I am afraid. The last time I was there, walking Apollo and Kallie, an elderly man tried to hit Apollo with a stick – he was annoyed because we were just passing in front of him. Apollo started barking like crazy, I screamed, cursed, called the police (that never showed up) and the whole thing was so brutal, that the old man’s 8 year old granddaughter started to cry.

it happens at least once per month

And while she kept crying, I kept cursing even more, warning her that her grandpa was about to go to jail. In the back on my mind, I couldn’t stop thinking that it was him – or someone like him – who keeps trying to murder my dog (and all the rest), because for some reason he believes that the park belongs to him and his precious little grandchildren. Am I a bad person?
*ZEIL is one of the oldest Greek charities, with a 20 year experience of neutering, rescuing and keeping the entire area stray-free. The least they deserve is some kind of acknowledgement for their work.

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