Corpse Of Dead Dog, Chained To A Tree Found Near Animal Shelter

It’s 22:20 pm and I would have stopped working by now. But on one hand, I have this thing about keeping the blog alive every day, and on the other hand, there are some stories that I just need to share.

This particular one has been keeping me awake for  three nights in a row. The words that have come out of my mouth, and the thoughts that have crossed my mind terrified me, so I am not sharing any of them with you. I’ll just tell the story, which is a brief and as disgusting as it gets.


Argos, the local charity of Trikala, a town in central Greece, was informed on June 2 about an abandoned dog, just a few hundred meters from their dog shelter. They arrived at the scene to find a corpse, chained in a ditch with a such a short chain that made it impossible for him to move around.

No water, not food, no shelter. And the temperature? Oh the temperature of the past few days in Greece reached unprecedented levels – 45  degrees Celsius made Greeks have “fun” by  testing whether “cooking an egg under the sun” is an urban legend or not (it isn’t, many of us succeeded).


And while we were locked in our apartments for days, full air condition on etc, there was this dog slowly fading away, dying under the brutal sun, unable to move, to seek shelter, food, water. His ears had been chopped off – quite typical actually for all Greek shepherds.

There isn’t much more to this post really. I am out of words, out of feelings, out of compassion for any human out there. The local charity is struggling to make ends meet among people like this dog’s owner, like the monster that shed acid all over Ozzy and eventually killed him. If you wish to help them in any way, you can visit their Facebook page or website.


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One thought on “Corpse Of Dead Dog, Chained To A Tree Found Near Animal Shelter”

  1. Tears are streaming down my face as type this. I am lost for words. As always. I have been lost for words for years now at the cruelty that never sees any end. I am only 59 years old but my heart feels like it’s hundreds of years old worn out by all the evil it has witnessed. I try to give the very best of me to this planet and its inhabitants hoping that my example (I never preach) might somehow make a difference. It doesn’t. I’m more of a laughing stock than anything else. Have always been. I’ve been a vegetarian most of my life and vegan for the past 30 years. I can’t fathom hurting any living creatures for my own wrongly perceived needs. So I just keep being myself and maybe, just maybe, one day more people will see the planet and all it’s creatures the way I see it: priceless.

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