Dog Dies In Front Of Vet Clinic, Because The Vet Refuses To Help Him

Dog Dies In Front Of Vet Clinic, Because The Vet Refused To Help Him – this is not a click bait title, it is exactly what happened right here in Greece, on February 27, in Kala Nera, a small touristic village by the sea. I am translating the exact post of the woman who tried to help the dog:



” Monday night (this particular Monday is one of the biggest holidays in Greece. It’s the end of the carnival and beginning of fasting period before Easter for the religious ones)  in Kala Nera and the illustrated dog is on the road, hit by a car and abandoned. 4-5 people have stopped near the dog and just observe (no reason to take him off the road and get their hands dirty).

Coincidentally (and ironically), the dog is lying at a 10 meter distance (LITERALLY) from the vet clinic. He is still breathing with difficulty. We take the initiative to move the dog off-road, a little closer to the clinic.
I’m thinking how lucky he is and immediately call the vet. While I describe the situation and ask her to come to the clinic and care for the dog she asks me three times if I think the dog will live (presumably, according to the lady, I was supposed to have such knowledge) and then asks if I will pay for the care of the dog.

I reply that I hold no money on me and that she’d better hurry so that the dog is saved – and that we could talk about the rest in person. She answers that there’s nothing she can do and there ends our conversation. How foolish of me to believe that the dog was lucky. While we are trying to reach other vets – some are willing to help (but are too far away)and others aren’t – the dog dies in our hands.

I am ashamed of who we are, I am ashamed of my fellow beings, I am ashamed of the degrees given to some people in this country, without actually providing them with proper education. Have a good night! Sleep tight!”

… I had a whole speech prepared after copy pasting the woman’s post, but I will be repeating myself once again. I have been accused of making Greece look bad, so I’ll keep my mouth shut for this post. Don’t shoot me, I am just the messenger.

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43 thoughts on “Dog Dies In Front Of Vet Clinic, Because The Vet Refuses To Help Him”

  1. Oh yes, Greece should be ashamed of allowing that greedy woman to work as a vet. A vet is a doctor. A doctor should save lives, even if there is no reward after doing it. People should save lives, just because they can and not because they will be paid for it. That vet is rotten in the heart and mind.

    1. I’m from the U.S. And we have vets like that here. But if someone put a dying dog in front of a vet office and they refused to even help the dog. They would have to close there vet and move away. Because we have so many pet lovers here. Give the phone number and address out. Maybe if everyone refused to go there anymore. She would think twice about ever doing that again. You can’t just do nothing. She deserves being black balled.

    2. Where is the hippocratic oath for vets? Yes there is one. Have a look at internet. Make sure the locals know that the reason a lot of UK tourists do not got to Greece is because of the appalling treatment of animals by Greeks. Locals do not get tourists money because of the VETS. Hit people in the pocket. It is one thing that works. I am not going back to Greece ever and I tell EVERYONE about the cruelty.

    1. USA animal professional and will assist a animal in trouble, with or without compensation, at any time or place.

      1. Not always true. Cutten vet clinic in Eureka ca refused to see a dog that was hit in front of my house. If there wasn’t money up front they refused to help. Very sad.

        1. They are violating their oath. They MUST help in an emergency even if it means pts. Report them to a vets college preferably the one they “qualified” at. Insist the college investigate. A doctor would be investigated. Publicity is key.

  2. Is there no possibility to report this vet to the police? At least in the case of humans, we have a law just for this scenario: denying medical aid is a criminal offense. Other than that cruelty against animals is forbidden by law and this just couldn’t happen here.

    I don’t know what to say. Even if the poor dog might not have stood a chance, he would have deserved attention regarding his pain. This is a question about professional ethic and clearly, this vet doesn’t have any of it. So sad.

      1. Vaia, if not legally….she should have done it because she choose to be a vet and help also the abandoned and abused. But you know what, there are social experiments and they show that very few ppl help even their fellow human , so , who will care about a half dead dog. Oh God, we are really doomed !
        I hate that person and I don’t wish her well . I hope that one day, something similar will happen to her, then she will feel what the poor dog felt. Karma will get her!!

      1. You don’t have to be a nice person to help a dying wounded creature,you just have to be a normal Human Being,
        Petidou Barbara does not qualify,she is a money motivated heartless she Devil,she deserves to fail miserably in life!

  3. Unfortunately the word “FILOTIMO” all Greeks are so proud of, is just hypocritical bullshit!
    I followed the story of an abused dog who had his nose and ears cut off, and the Michigan veterinary hospital did an amazing reconstruction surgery costing a fortune for free.
    I guess we just have to live with the notion that there are 2 categories of humans: the cruel, heartless ones, and the compassionate ones.

    1. Not humans; scumbags. Needs to have her license revoked and banned from ever getting near any furbabies again.

  4. Many countries do not value animals like we do in the U.S. Some Vets are greedy and do not value animals lives to do even the minimum to sustain life. This Greek Vet. Could have evaluated the medical needs, given pain meds and euthanized for a peaceful death. At least there would have been love at the end. This Vet. has to live with herself.

  5. USA animal professional and will help any animal at any time or place, with or without compensation.

  6. This is disgusting! Ur all the same. All about the money 😠 U MAKE ME SICK AND I HOPE KARMA GETS U GOOD!

  7. Vet schools don’t teach compassion. The new vets often think euthanasia is the treatment of choice in difficult cases. The easy way out. Unfortunately, gone are the days of compassionate vets that will do anything to help an animal live. It is such a shame.

    1. Publicise, publicise, publicise. If no-one goes to her she will lose money. try to get her vets licence revoked. Where are vet colleges in Greece? Do vets pay 10 euros and get the piece of paper? Needs looking at.

  8. quand on est veto c est qu on aime les animaux lui apparament ce n est que du bisness enfoire de beto as tu oiblier pourquoi tu as fais ce metier

  9. $$ obviously is worth more to this miserable excuse for a human than helping a dying animal.Anybody that can look at this poor dog and refuse to help it has a heart filled with darkness!!! SHAME ON YOU VET!!!!

  10. pls don’t label all Greeks as this vet is being labelled I have had animals all my life and currently have 3 dogs who r my life as well as my kids. I have rescued all types of animals myself and brought them back to health because I genuinely care about living beings whether human or animal. this story has saddened and angered me so much. this vet had no morals and quite frankly should be struck off as she is not fit to practice. she is a money grabbing parasite who should learn the meaning of the word VET . most of my family in Greece also have cats and dogs and I have made sure this post has done it’s rounds to ensure this bitch is exposed.

    1. No one is labelling all Greeks but you really do need to get to grips w ith this or even decent Greeks are going to suffer, and the reason they will suffer is NOT the publicity BUT it is their dreadful and cruel behaviour. It is the fault of the cruel ones.. Sort them out it is barbaric and medieval cruelty. Not civilised.

  11. Inexcusable!!!!! Our world has a heart problem and this is a prime example. Shame on you! You’ll have to answer to God one day!!!

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