Dog Found With Legs Tied, Shoved In A Sack And Abandoned In The River

Dog disposal in Greece comes in many forms. You can shoot it, hang it, or shove it in a bag and let it drown in a river or the sea. This is not an exaggeration and yes, it happens more often than you can imagine, especially in rural Greece, where apparently people still live in the Middle Ages.

Yesterday, January 29 2017, a volunteer received an anonymous call (those people never have a name) about a dog struggling to stay afloat in the river Mornos, next to Nafpactos (Nafpactos is Lepanto for the non Greeks, and it is where Don Quixote lost his arm in a battle).


What she thought was just a stray dog that had accidentally drifted away, was one of the worst (and sadly most typical) cases of animal abuse. So, that morning, someone had taken the dog, tied his back legs with wire, shoved him in a sack and left him in the middle of the river to drown in agony.


I won’t even begin to explain how embarrassing and deeply disturbing this is and what it means for the human nature. I have family in that horrible place, and visit them twice a year with my heart literally on my stomach – now you know why.


The dog was removed by the volunteer, with the help of a firefighter, and was taken to a clinic. He suffers from hypothermia, he is in shock and trembles at the presence of people around him – who can blame him for that? While waiting for his blood test results, he is looking for foster care and..well, an adoption. His name is River.


The volunteers in the area need all the help they can possibly get. Rural Greece is literally one open, bleeding wound, and Nafpactos is one of the worst places for any animal lover. Every cent donated will be well spent, so if you wish to help them, you can message their Facebook page here. Visit his entire album here.


Oh, and pray for us, if you believe in God, because we are doomed.

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6 thoughts on “Dog Found With Legs Tied, Shoved In A Sack And Abandoned In The River”

  1. That poor poor animal. Please let me know how I can help. Give him many hugs, and I hope one day someone will adopt him. I can donate 50 euro but have no facebook account. Can you give me a banknummer and the name of the organisation so I can donate with iDEAL, I want to help River.

  2. I’ve looked at my computer screen trying to formulate my thoughts. I’m full of compassion for the animals and full of hate for humans who do these things.
    I think we have to find them, prosecute them and punish them.

    1. Well, the worst thing is that these people are never found! Ever! And as difficult as it is to believe, these kinds of atrocities are very often done by kids.

      1. Little fascistic asses, but public opinion let it happen. There are many countries in Europe where something like this would make headlines. How come it is tolerated?
        I often wonder, that in a country where there is a law against almost anything, especially in rural areas, most of the laws are not enforced, how come?

        1. Normally what happens is that the police officers in an area know everybody. So, you call the police for an abuse case, they notify the abuser first, and then he makes the dog disappear (well, this is one example).

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