Dog Found Tied Next To A Field With A Note For The Rescuers

Dog abandonment in Greece is such a common thing, that most rescuers don’t even blink anymore, every time a new dog appears. Some are left on the streets, some on the mountains, some are left tied with notes and some are left tied in the middle of nowhere to die of hunger and thirst.

The way Brandy was abandoned makes her one of the lucky ones actually. She didn’t risk being ran over or poisoned or die of hunger. On the fence next to her we found a broken collar – from her urge to follow her owner, she probably broke it, so he had to tie her up again. And then there was the note: :I can’t take care of her. She is very nice. I am sorry”.

The gorgeous is for adoption by SCARS. If you wish to adopt her you can email me at: support@theorphanpet.com or message me on Facebook. You can follow her progress on the SCARS Facebook page.

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