Dog Mourning Over Photo Of Deceased Family Members

Alicia is a female Pit Bull, who lives with her dad, Andreas, in Greece. She is a beloved pet, and she gives back all the love she receives from the family.

About a month ago, her owner’s sister and brother in law passed away. At home there is a photo of the two of them next to a burning candle, and what Alicia does every day made me cry today (and I don’t cry!)

Λοιπον ανεβασα αυτο το βιντεο γιατι δεν ειχα ξανα δει κατι τετοιο και θεωρησα πως πρεπει να το δουν ολοι , οπως θα δειτε η αλισια ειναι η πιτμπουλιτσα μου και κοιταει τις φωτογραφιες σχεδον καθημερινα,ανεβαινει στην καρεκλα και βαζει το κεφαλι της στο συνθετο το οποιο βαλαμε τις φωτογραφιες και το καντηλακι της αδερφης μου και του γαμπρου μου που δυστηχως μας αφησαν για εναν καλυτερο κοσμο εδω και 22 μερες…. δειτε το !

Posted by Αντρέας Ρηγούλης on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Alicia jumps on the chair, places her head on the table, leans it toward the photo and just stays there, looking at them through the picture frame.

I have no idea what can possibly go on inside this dog’s mind and what is the connection she makes between that photo and the loss of her beloved ones.  She doesn’t understand death the way we do, and there is no way explaining to her what’s going on.

Maybe she is mourning, maybe she is trying to bring them back. Or maybe after watching the family do something similar every day, mourning over the photo of their loved ones and lighting the candle, she just tried to imitate them, and the attention she got served as positive reinforcement. Either way, the video is a tearjerker and utterly shareable.

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