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Dogs On Beaches – Should They Be Allowed?

I know there are places in the world where dogs are not allowed on beaches, like Spain, for example. I am lucky enough to live in a country, where according to the law, dogs on beaches are allowed, as long as they are on a lead etc etc. Signs prohibiting them from stepping foot there are simply illegal, and you are free to ignore them, laugh about them or even take a selfie of you and your four legged friend in front of them and post it publicly to social media so that you and fellow dog lovers laugh about it.

dogs on beaches
Yeap, that’s illegal.

So, this is a problem partially solved. Anytime you get harassed, or even have someone call the cops on you, just sit tight and wait for the police to arrive – they officers may not like the law, but they are obliged to enforce it, so it’s pretty safe for you and your dog to enjoy any beach – and they are a lot.

The main issue in the video above and this article is to examine whether humans should be allowed to step foot there. So, let’s see what a dog does on a beach:

  1. It might bark. Dogs barking constantly are annoying to anyone, even crazy dog lovers like me – plus, I never trust any dog owner whose dog barks nonstop, there’s something wrong with the dog’s education and the owner is always to blame. So yes, barking is annoying. You will (and should) be asked to control your dog – you’re not allowed to be annoyed by screaming children and their hysteric mothers however, but this another issue.
  2. It might dig. The person next to you sunbathing can be annoyed (although it’s just pure sand, not toxic waste). You need to control your dogs urge to do that, when someone is lying next to you.
  3. It might (it probably will) pee. Well, so do you. So do I, so does everybody. I’m pretty sure that 50% of sea water is composed by human urine – everyone waits for that precious moment when you enter the cold water and take a few minutes to get used to the temperature – while the entire beach knows you’re actually peeing. Have you ever dived head first next to an unknown person standing quietly waist down in the water? No. Because you know he’s peeing at the moment. So, dogs pee too. But their anatomy makes it difficult, if not impossible for them to do it while swimming, and dog urine is about a thousand times more pure than human urine – they mainly drink water. What did you have to drink last night?
  4. It might of course poop. The owner is obliged to collect it and that’s it. If you find that disgusting, take a moment to think where your poop goes every morning. I mean, it is flushed down and then disappears, but it actually goes somewhere. And no, it does not go to outer to space. The average person produces 50 liters of feces and 500 liters of urine annually, their journey begins the moment you flush them down and ends in a river somewhere – and maybe, some day into your drinking water.
dogs on beaches
Dogs are supposed to be on a leash, so if you want to let your friend loose, you might wanna do it on a less crowded beach.

Now, let’s see what a dog does not do on a beach:

  1. It doesn’t smoke, and therefore, it does not leave cigarette buds behind – time it takes for a bud to biodegrade in the environment: 5 years
  2. It does not drink sodas and leave the cans behind – time it takes for soda cans to biodegrade: 80-200 years and for grass bottles: 1 million years
  3. It does not leave plastic bottles and plastic bags behind – time it takes for plastic bags to biodegrade: 10- 80 years and for plastic bottles: 450
  4. It does not forget it’s extra bathing suit or a pair of slippers behind: 50- 80 years
  5. It doesn’t read the newspaper: 6 weeks
  6. It doesn’t use paper towels: 2-4 weeks
  7. It does not fish – monofilament fishing line: 600 years
  8. It doesn’t even leave apple cores or banana peels behind: 2 weeks to 2 months

dogs on beaches

I think it’s pretty clear. On your next vacation, try to be the first person to step foot on a beach one morning, and look for evidence of human dirt – you won’t even have to look for it actually, you’ll be stepping on an empty plastic bottle in no time. Then look for evidence of a dog being there the previous day. You won’t find any. And if you are one of those people who are annoyed by dogs enjoying the beach, go back to your hotel room, look in the mirror, apologize to the earth and repeat after me: “I shouldn’t be allowed to step foot on a beach ever again”.

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9 thoughts on “Dogs On Beaches – Should They Be Allowed?”

  1. I?m impressed, I must say. Actually hardly ever do I encounter a weblog that?s both educative and entertaining, and let me let you know, you’ve got hit the nail on the head. Your concept is excellent; the problem is something that not sufficient individuals are talking intelligently about. I am very completely happy that I stumbled throughout this in my search for one thing relating to this.

  2. Wow, yet another entitled, antisocial dog worshiper! It’s sad I’m not even surprised anymore. Your passive-agressive, defensive bwhavior is truly disgusting, just like your beloves mutt, whether you acknowledge it or not. Your point are completely invalid. Beaches are places for humans and yes, if your dog harasses me there I’m calling the cops on you because no matter how hard you wish those signs were invalid, they are not. No, not even for entitled, brainwashed dog owners who believe they are above the law.

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