Donkeys – 10 Things You May Not Know About Their Awesomeness

Donkeys are some of the most under-appreciated animals. Most of us probably think that it’s just a stubborn, dump animal, but it much more than that. So here are some things I recently learned:

“Have we met before?”
1 They are memory “freaks” and can recognize a place they have been in the past or other donkeys they have met up to …25 years ago!
2 They are not stubborn; they just have a highly developed sense of self-preservation. A donkey will not do something, if it considers it unsafe. They will first reason, and then make decisions based on their safety.
3 They have a very high sense of curiosity, and like to discover new things.
4 They are social animals and don’t like being alone – they form lifetime friendships, so they need another donkey friend to be happy (no, you can’t adopt just one!)
4 They run
5 They play
6 They groom each other
7 They make excellent therapy animals
8 Each and every one of them has its own character. One can be very playful, while another one can be tender (cuddly type – my favorite)
9 Training them is based on convincing them that they can trust you
10 They are odorless. Donkeys don’t smell – you might think they do, but that’s just the manure that makes an excellent fertilizer by the way. The actual animal does not smell. You can cuddle with one anytime, and your dog will not give you the silent treatment when you get home.
Me and one of my “aww” moments at Donkey’s Land

I learned most of that information, after spending time with the amazing people who built Donkey’s ... (I am not supposed to use the actual name of the place for some stupid legal reason)- number ten, I discovered myself, after cuddling with Pepe (one of the Donkey’s land sweethearts).

I told you they play

If you have the chance, try spending a few hours in the company of a donkey. It is highly therapeutical and fills you with a soothing, warm feeling – kind of like listening to classical music, or Sigur Ros, or… well, you get the point.

YES they like to be petted

For everything about donkeys, take a look at the Donkey Sanctuary website (or, if you are anything like me, DON’T, because you will end up quitting your job, adopting a pair of them and going to live happily ever after in a farm somewhere).

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