Emaciated And With Chemical Burns, This Dog Is Now The Happiest Boy

Emaciated, confused and with what appeared to be some weird dermatological problem, Sirocco arrived at the Save a Greek Stray shelter a wreck. After just a couple of months, he became a beautiful, happy boy.

Sirocco when he first arrived at the shelter/ Save a Greek Stray
Sirocco’s rescue

Save a Greek Stray was notified about a sick and neglected dog, living somewhere in a suburb of Athens, Greece. Scirocco was rescued and brought to the shelter. Apart from the hunger and the exhaustion, he was a healthy dog, and gained weight fast. What appeared to be mange or a dermatological problem was actually a chemical burn, probably caused by paint.
Weeks after his rescue, we kept finding small pieces of red paint in Sirocco’s body. His skin started recovering, and today he is a healthy, happy dog.

Sirocco / Save a Greek Stray
Sirocco today

Today Sirocco is at the Save a Greek Stray shelter, and is looking for a home. He spends his days running free in the patio and playing with the rest of the dogs. He loves human attention – in fact he can’t get enough of it. He is a happy and very energetic dog.

Sirocco today / Save a Greek Stray
Sirocco’s ideal home

Sirocco is a mix breed Pointer. His funny face, his body and his temperament yell “Pointer!”. He is energetic and active like a Pointer, and at the same time very affectionate and human centered. He loves to cuddle and get very attached to his human. Although he loves to run around and play, when Sirocco is in your arms, he will stay there forever, giving kisses and cuddling unstoppably.

He needs a good amount of daily exercise- physical and mental, and a firm education, that will allow him to be the loving pet he needs to be. Sirocco needs humans, like all Pointers do. He craves for human interaction, and if he is trained properly, he will be the sweetest and happiest boy in the world.

If you wish to adopt Sirocco, please contact the organization at: info@saveagreekstray.com or message their Facebook page. Donations are welcome (PayPal: info@saveagreekstray.com)


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