Emaciated And Mutilated Cat Rescued From The Streets

Iron was rescued just a few days ago, Someone posted a video of him on the streets, and a SCARS volunteer collected him the next day. He was immediately taken to the vet, where he was x-rayed and examined. have never seen a cat in such condition.

Iron suffers from everything: FIV, a mutilated tail, a shattered leg that needs to be amputated, his left eye is a hole full of pus, he is covered in fleas and he is starved. It makes you wonder how he survived on the streets for so long in that condition. He is being fostered by a SCARS volunteer, he eats A LOT, and is gaining his strength. Within just a few days he turned into an affectionate, loving cat, who waits for us impatiently, and loved to be petted all the time. He adores Powder, another one of SCARS rescue cats, and their crates were placed one next to the other, because they enjoy each other’s company a lot. Iron has a long was to go, but he is a survivor. He has an iron soul, and will be unrecognizable very soon.

You can follow his progress  here.  If you wish to make a small donation,  you can use the charity’s PayPal:  donate@scars.gr


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