Endless Journey To Slaughter – Stop The Trucks Campaign

I remember years ago, while we were driving to my hometown, we overtook a truck carrying poultry. “Poultry” is such an easy word to refer to them, isn’t it? But trucks like these don’t carry just a word, they carry desperate living beings.

A cow drinking urine to quench its thirst, while transported to the slaughterhouse / photo by Eyes on Animals.

I took a glimpse and felt sick. “This is not a life” I thought, how come nobody does anything about it? How come this is legal? Today I know that people have been trying to do everything they can to end this transportation ordeal. The Stop the Trucks campaign, supported by 22 European charities (Greek Animal Action being one of them), has been trying to put an end to this disgusting practice to which most of us choose to turn a blind eye.

A female sheep who just gave birth in the truck / photo by Animals Angels

Choosing to support this effort has absolutely nothing to do with being vegetarian or vegan. It is just about setting some basic animal welfare standards. Having animals travel for days, piled up, living in their feces, drinking their own urine to quench their thirst and giving birth in a dirty truck on a pile of shit is simply not an option. And even if you are a fanatic meat eater, think of it this way: is this meat you are willing to consume?

A trapped bull spent the entire journey on feces and trampled by other animals / photo by Animals Angels
So here is what’s going on in those trucks that carry our dinners:

The journey lasts days, and many animals are forced to stand day and night.

The newly born are not spared, nor are the old, the pregnant and the sick ones.

Many of them arrive to their destination (the slaughterhouse) with broken bones.

The animals spend days unfed, unrested and without water.

Before they are slaughtered, they spend their final days exhausted, dehydrated, and injured.

Many die in the trucks and the ones that make it, are forced to travel among dead bodies for days.

Exhaustion, dehydration, despair / photo by Eyes on Animals

The Stop the Trucks campaign does not expect you to go vegan, adopt a piglet, and go live in a sanctuary. All they call for is transport of meat, instead of live animals, and they ask that live animals transportation is limited 8 hours for mammals and 4 hours for poultry.

That’s it.

You can take action by voting here.

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