Faithful Dog Watching Over Her Dead Owner’s Grave Finds A New Family

Faithful to her owner, even after he passed away, this two year old dog’s story touched everyone’s heart in Greece.

She lived in Arta,  a small town in western Greece, and after her owner passed a way, she spend months hanging out near  his grave. The story was made public by the local charity and has been shared and reshared.


She was neutered by the charity and was being fed  and taken care of by volunteers, but as they say, she always appeared sad.  But  those days are over for the sweet girl. She is now happy again, living with her new owner’s who adopted her recently.


There are faithful “Hachikos” around us everywhere. They wait for us, always. No matter how much time passes, they are always there, always faithful, always believing in us. This is how awesome dogs can be.

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