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Fallen Angel – Brief Story Of A Troubled Dog

I can’t even begin to describe what Kallie means to me. Looking back at my “history” as a rescuer, Kallie was always there, my first foster dog really. I had already fostered my own dog, Apollo, before I decided to adopt him, and Izi, my puppy.

But I had found Apollo and Izi myself, so I had no choice. Kallie was my first “choice”, the first dog I chose to foster, simply because that photo of her on ZEIL’s Facebook page made me fall in love. Her first video was actually the first “rescue” type of video I uploaded on my channel that I had created only a month before. I don’t remember even having a cover photo on it until the first day Kallie was brought to me – I photographed my hand petting her paws and this image has been my cover photo ever since.

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She is the reason I became an active volunteer in ZEIL and decided to become involved. Seriously involved. With her I learned almost everything I know today: about rescuing, about looking for the stray dog that you know has been abandoned in your area and hoping to be the one that finds him, about fostering, about making decisions, home checks, adoption meetings; about being responsible for a dog, actually responsible, knowing that you are the one who needs to see him through. About training. TRAINING. Her adoption was the end of an era.


I had named that first video of her “Kallie, the angel”. She was an angel, just like that first post about her said. Had I known back then the things I know now, her separation anxiety would not have escalated, she would have never been taken to her new home without a crate, and a full training program, she would have never spent three years going back and forth because I would have known how to deal with her since day one.

We don’t know everything. Rescuers don’t know everything. They keep learning every day, so don’t blame them if they make mistakes, sometimes mistakes is how we learn. And if you are a rescuer, keep an open mind; listen, learn, talk to people, use new methods. Be better every day; the dogs need us to be the best and we can’t afford not to be.

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3 thoughts on “Fallen Angel – Brief Story Of A Troubled Dog”

  1. I cried listening and teading Kallie story.
    Strong powerful love was what you had for Kallie and for not giving up on her. Because of your commitment and your determination to find her a true home , she is now happy and full of life. Bless you and for her new dad for not ever giving up on her. You are a beautiful soul who i enjoyed reading your blog everyday. Thankyou for saving Kallie.

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