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French Bulldogs and Things To Know About Them

French Bulldogs are ridiculously cute, very affectionate, excellent companions etc etc etc. The first dog I adopted is a Frenchie, I adore her and she is the love of my life. Every day, when I walk her, comments from random people on the street like “oh, I want one”, “this is the dog I like mummy” and “oh, how cute, I would get one of these” are so often to the point where it makes me wanna shout “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?”

Every time I get asked about French Bulldogs, I strongly advise people against getting one, and suggest that they adopt a healthy, mix breed dog, because when you are a French Bulldog owner, here are some of the things you will probably be facing:

1. Chronic allergies

It’s one of the most difficult diseases to diagnose. Basically a pain in the ass and an extremely costly treatment (and maintenance).

2 Palletal luxation

Does it sound frightening? Well, that’s because it is! The palate refers to the roof of the mouth, and in French Bulldogs it is often deformed. If the symptoms of the cleft pallete are severe enough, it might require surgery to correct.

3 Heatstroke

Centuries of breeding that created short yet compact nasal bones which block airflow to the trachea. In layman’s terms, a Frenchie can die very easily, even in temperatures you would consider normal.

4 Disk disease (IVDD)

The shock-absorbing discs between the vertebrates of the spine are affected, causing even paralysis. If you are thinking that it’s an age related disease, keep in mind that you two-year-old Frenchie can paralyze simply after running on stairs (this is not an exaggeration).

5 Skin issues

Skin issues of all sort – the list is too long, and the maintenance is very costly.

6 Eye issues

Cataracts, cherry eye – a horrible, red gland popping out of your dogs eye, because there is no room for in that smashed in, adorable face – and injuries (their huge eyes are too easy be injured, and the result can often lead to blindness.

7 Respiratory issues
8 Deafness
9 Hip dysplasia
10 Entropion

Entropion is an inversion of the eyelids = the eyelids rotate and the eyelashes scratch the eye, causing pain, inflammation etc.

11 Von Willebrand’s Disease (VWD)

It is caused by a low amount of a specific protein, which makes the blood clot, and it’s similar to hemophilia in people = wounds bleed uncontrollably.

this animal appears to be trapped in its own body

When I advise people against getting a French Bulldog, it’s not because I am concerned about their economical welfare, but because this animal appears to be trapped in its own body. Nature would never create a dog that can’t breathe properly, it can’t swim, it can’t exercise, a dog whose spine can be deformed simply because he ran up the stairs for crying out loud.

Frenchies are prone to suffering from all of the above, simply because of who they are, and this is ridiculous

Buying a French Bulldog from a responsible breeder will minimize your chances of spending a fortune on vet bills, but still, Frenchies are prone to suffering from all of the above, simply because of who they are, and this is ridiculous. Their snoring might be cute, but they snore because they have a deformed face. Their adorable funny noises make it difficult for them to communicate with other dogs, who often misinterpret these sounds. They have to be artificially inseminated and can’t (or shouldn’t) give birth naturally – it’s one of the reasons why the cost so much. Having to transport them during the summer is a headache – the car air condition has to be on at least 10 minutes before, the dog has to be relaxed and preferably soaking wet, otherwise i t m i g h t d i e. Most airlines refuse to transport them, because most of the Frenchies travelling by plane will probably not reach their destination alive. If there isn’t an elevator, you’ll need to carry them up and down the stairs, because if you don’t, they risk being paralyzed.

How is all of the above normal?

*French Bulldogs are considered to be the healthiest of all the Bull Breeds!

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