Funny Dog Narrates His Rescue Through A Comic

Funny, witty and very active. That’s what Chino is. He was rescued several months ago by a SCARS volunteer, after she found wandering in a busy street of downtown Athens. Just seven kilos and one year old, he was left wandering alone by his owner in the city’s busiest suburb.

funnyIt hasn’t been easy to find a home for Chino – some dogs are just unlucky, or don’t catch the eye – who knows. But the truth is that if Chino wasn’t a dog, he would be a comic hero – he’s got the face and the attitude of one. So apart from is photo album, SCARS has been putting together a “different” adoption album, in which Chino, as a comic hero, narrates his rescue and his story so far.

I was wandering downtown, on a hot summer night, when suddenly…


This car stopped right in front of me! It almost ran me over!


The woman driving started screaming. She almost deafened me!


Suddenly, she got out of the car and started running towards me – totally freaked me out!


That crazy woman grabbed me, while I was screaming “No, no, let me go you crazy @#$$”


She put me in the car and drove away. She was happy, and I was…well, I was very confused!


…That’s it so far! If you want to follow the rest of Chino’s adventures, they will be posted on his album, in SCARS Facebook page. If you are interested in adopting him, watch a small video of him here and contact SCARS at: or message their Facebook page.


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