Funny Frenchie of my Heart: Laura, the Filthy Princess

My gorgeous is the first dog I adopted. The first dog I ever had. She came to me looking really bad, with that horrible cherry eye sticking out and not knowing much about anything. She was two and a half years old and had spent her entire life in a kennel. So she had to learn everything from the beginning. How to walk on a leash, how to socialize and how to get used to the human presence in the house.

french bulldog rescue

She’s come a long way since then, and I can now say that she is one of the funniest dogs I ever met. She can let you do anything you want with her, and afterwards she will react to it the funniest way possible. The Laura way.

cherry eye

Like when she needs to take a bath. She will endure it as patiently as possible and then run around in the house all upset and rub herself against all furniture, carpets and various stuff she finds in her way. The thing is that she needs to take her baths when we’re in the countryside as well. But there are no carpets or sofas there. Just dirt, sand and mud. And that’s when Laura turns from a spoilt little princess to a happy, filthy piglet. She loves it, and I love filming her.

French Bulldog sunbathing

Apart from her baths, another thing that drives her crazy is the anti mosquito spray, and she has to endure that daily. The result is always funny, because she runs around rubbing herself on dirt trying to take it out, but the reason she has to go through all that is pretty serious. In Greece summertime lasts forever. With a couple of months of winter per year, parasites thrive. And lately they have started to get immune to most products meant to keep them away, so dog owners have to be even more cautious.

funnny french bulldog

And the thing is that in Greece, and all around the Mediterranean, a dog’s worst enemy isn’t a flea or a tick, but the sandfly. If infected by the leishmania parasite, the sandlfy will infect the dogs it bites, and leishmaniasis is one scary and horrible disease, that if left untreated, it can cause a slow and painful death. Falsely known as kala azar, leishmaniasis is a dog owner’s worst nightmare in Greece, so most of us spray our dogs every day against mosquito and sandfly bites. And keep our fingers crossed.

I’ve had a few nasty comments on the video, so basically this last paragraph’s purpose was to make things clear. The sprays we use on dogs are pet products, and it is highly recommended that they are used daily and as a supplement to other anti parasitic treatments, like ampoules.


Anyway, the post isn’t about the disease, but about the awesomeness of Laura, who came to me scared to death of everything, not socialized and knowing nothing about life, and she turned out to be the perfect dog, treated as princess and with her own spot on the sofa, but still allowed to feel the dirt and mud on her pretty little bulldog face whenever she wants. Because rescued dogs have an amazing capacity to forget everything, and no matter what they’ve been through, they can evolve so fast and end up being as healthy, spoilt and funny as any other dog that has had perfect life since day one. And adopting an adult rescued dog is like watching a rebirth taking place in front of your eyes every day. It is one amazing feeling, and after a while, one day you just look at it, and see a creature that has left its past behind forever – and you’re the one who guided it through. This is a miracle.

french bulldog smiling

Valia Orfanidou

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