Giant Sick And Starving Dog Asks For Help And Finally Gets It

Giant dogs are so…”underprivileged”, so wrongly perceived as animals that can care for themselves, as pets that belong in the garden. They are even wronged by rescuers sometimes – don’t get us wrong, but choosing to rescue, foster and try to rehome a 50 kilo dog is never easy.

My girl was one of those dogs. Emaciated, starving, and full of wounds, she appeared a few days ago in an industrial suburb of Athens, Greece, begging for “something”. One day, she went into the offices of a company, laid down and stayed there.

In the office where she slept for hours until I picked her up

She must have been feeling so safe and calm there, that she would not get up no matter what. That photo of her lying among the desks broke my heart. How can you explain to that poor animal that the safety and the warmth she enjoys are temporary? How can you put her back on the streets after the office is closed for the day?


I picked her up the same day. When I got into the office, she turned her head and looked at me – we fell in love at first sight (I really believe that). I put the leash on and she got up as if she knew me, as if she knew I was there for her. She followed me, got into my car and stayed there in the back sit for 45 minutes, not making a sound, as if she had been doing that for years.

On our way to the vet!

I drove with a huge smile on my face, feeling her giant head next to mine. We waited for about an hour and a half, before the vet could examine her, and the whole time, she had her head placed on my lap, gently lifting her paw and asking for more love, every time I stopped petting her for a while. She is so desperate for love.

She was so exhausted that she would sleep anywhere

I named her Tina; I don’t know why, she just felt like a Tina to me. For now, all we know is that she suffers from mange. The terrible itch makes her scratch constantly to the point that her wounds start bleeding. The smell is horrible. She is emaciated to the point where she can barely walk. She weighs 43 kilos and she is literally skin and bones. Having such a proud, gorgeous dog end up like that is a disgrace.

Those eyes <3

Do you wanna hear something even worse? From people working in the area, we found out that she is 12 years old. Twelve. Do you know what this means for a dog her size? We also found out that she is a Russian Shepherd and that her name is Lara. And all that information means one and only thing: she was not born a stray – she became stray in her own neighborhood.


I don’t care if he has lived 12 years as a Lara; she is under my care now, and to me she is a Tina. I don’t care what her life was like before, I only know how it will be from now on. I am in love with her and I will do everything I can to have her spent her last years as a queen.

She sleeps. And dreams. And does not even realize that I am there.

If Tina is adoptable or not will depend in a lot if things – for now she is resting, she is calm, secure and happy. We are waiting for her blood test results and once we have a clear image of her condition, we’ll take it from there. If you wish to help my girl, you can donate to SCARS (Eurobank / Swift: ERBKGRAA  / IBAN: GR5302601420000900200479872 You can follow her progress at the charity’s Facebook page. For any info about her, you can email SCARS ( or me (

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