Greek Authorities Stop Free Sterilization Program For Strays Because …

Greek corruption, ridiculousness and stupidity, all in one decision (like a 2 in 1 shampoo – why bother when you can make things NOT happen simply by saying no).

Let’s start from the beginning:

Fact no 1:

The stray population in Greece has been getting out of control. This is country of only 11 million people, and of (nobody knows really) 1 million (?), 2 (?) stray dogs. I mean, there were about 20 stray dogs in the village where I spent my summer vacation in, just one village. Mentioning the cats will make the numbers rise sky high (there are about 30 in my street alone – that’s just one street of one neighborhood of one city).

Fact no 2:

Nobody gives a damn about animal welfare here – nobody official I mean. Charities are based on volunteer work and donations, and when you, as a civilian, find a stray/abused/hurt dog, you basically put the animal in your car, take it to the vet, pay the bill and figure out what to do with it after it recovers. It’s as simply and as unorganized as that.

Fact no 3:

There are hundreds of thousands of stray dogs popping up every single day. They come from the uncontrollable births all around the country. Someone’s guard/hunting/back yard/who cares bitch gives birth, and the puppies are disposed off (in the garbage, in boxes outside schools, shops etc, on the mountain, on the street, everywhere). The ones that survive hunger/poison/cars/diseases make the new strays of the season, with a lifespan of six months to 2 years (depending on the area).

Fact no 4:

The Greek vets. Well there are some good people out there. From time to time, there are groups of Greek vets spaying for free, there are vets that charge half the price for a stray sterilization, and then there’s the vast majority that simply doesn’t care I guess. No problem with that, they are professionals, not missionaries.

Now the story:

  1. A group of European vets tries to organize sterilization programs throughout the country FOR FREE. All they need is the collaboration of a local charity and an approval from the municipality.
  2. In Chania, Crete (don’t let me start on the stray problem in Crete and the level of animal abuse there) the approval is granted unanimously by the municipal council. The sterilization program is about to begin when…
  3. Oops! Wait a minute! If everything is done pro bono, who will profit from it? There is no money involved! No money? No honey. To be exact, no money/honey for the local Greek vets, who didn’t give a damn about any sterilizations before (strays, who cares), but they suddenly realize that they will not be making any profit from…something they wouldn’t be making profit anyway.
  4. The sterilization program is suddenly impeded (blame a small group of local vets, the Μunicipal vet, certain Μunicipal authorities and the State Veterinary Service of Chania).

This is not a joke; nothing about Greece is a joke anymore. Frankly, I am sick and tired of living in a country where the state and most authorities act as they are the Godfather of a mafia group where the rules are constantly reinvented. Are you looking for a reason why we almost carried the rest of the EU down the drain with us? This is it.

The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation has put together a petition, asking the mayor of Chania to simply stop being ridiculous and let the sterilizations program run. And this is not just about Chania, it’s about the entire country because if it happened there, it will keep happening in every miserable city/town/village.

Follow the steps below and click HERE to sign.

The petition is in Greek. There are three steps to follow: 1) your email, 2) the reason why you sign (it’s optional) 3) click on the pink button to sign

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18 thoughts on “Greek Authorities Stop Free Sterilization Program For Strays Because …”

  1. The petition is now requiring a name. And for you to specify what part of the country you’re from. No outside countries can sign.

    1. we run a cat rescue on kos kittys of kefalos do people realise what is going on in Greece there is NO funding for rescue welfare groups and we struggle each day to save lives there are so many kittens born here we just can not keep up with it .if only Greece WOULD ALLOW other vets to come in and work for free just to stop all the suffering it breaks my heart but there is only so much we can do thank you

  2. About time the Greek people wised up to the problem. Most of them think there is no crisis,talk about hiding their heads in the sand.I have 3 Greek rescues and I am asked why I’ve adopted them,Simply in Greece they have no chance whatsoever of a life.Every Greek dog needs to be sterilized immediately by law.the cruelty that goes on is disgusting and I post to all Holiday sites just to inform holiday makers of the disgusting cruelty that is swept aside so Holidaymakers can’t see it for themselves.

  3. Greek arrogance is more important to authorities than caring for the animals. The older men say all men must be able to mate when they choose. Younger women understand that this is stupid. I do not holiday in Greece any more because of their treatment of animals and I tell EVERYONE about it. You Greeks lose out on tourists money. The local vets want to make money from sterilizing animals and street dogs have no money! The local vets obviously don’t care about suffering animals. Bless vets from abroad for helping.

  4. Well done Valia. You made people despise your own country (like Francis for who obviously your text is good enough of a reason to never set foot on a place). If you want to raise awareness do not start your articles with the word “Greek” before the words “corruption” “stupidity” etc. because you just (a) make people upset and (b) make foreigners hate a country they don’t even know just because you generalized. I have a pet and I love animals but… please start expressing yourself better instead of pouring out generalized vitriol. You can hide as much as you want behind the flag of “spreading the facts and the truth” but there are always other ways to do that without making people upset or spit on your own country (or any other country). Thank you.

    1. But none of what is written in the article is a lie. And how is wanting to make it better “spitting”? Besides, this is a personal blog, it’s not journalism.

    2. I am not sure how to handle your “contribution” to this blog. Almost one year ago I sat in a doctors office and got hold of a magazine solely dedicated to animal welfare. Totally oblivious to this problem I immediately scoured the www for more information about this (global) topic. Fate brought me to Greece. Sudden winter with lots of snow and temperatures well below zero had taken its toll on the rescue groups. A substantial sum of money went over from Germany to Greece. That was the mere start of what I call a life-changing experience. I fell in love with a Greek rescue and brought her home. A dog that was on the brink of death when she was rescued two and a half years ago. A dog that was treated, socialized, taken care of through the hands of people who cared enough. And that is the problem: Greeks don’t care enough. As the Spaniards, Italians, Portuguese, Romanians (basically everywhere) don’t care enough. As tourists who witness the cruelty just don’t care enough. Governments that don’t care enough.
      There were foreign vets who cared enough, more than the local ones. What was the problem there? It’s not like that through this act of help the endless supply of dogs chained to “live” in barrels, be poisoned, drowned, shot, mutilated, run over, stuffed in plastic bags, abandoned (I am probably missing some horrific possibilities, please excuse me) would have run dry.
      Valia has every right to “spit” because no other country actually rejects this help (oh, it’s okay to take money from the other ones to save a country too stupid to take advantage of it’s potential). I have been to Greece and I will continue to do so. Not to enjoy the nice beaches (I actually do prefer those on the coast of the Mexican Gulf), but to visit dear friends, help them in their selfless crusade as best as I can and just try to make a difference. Because I actually care enough.
      Don’t worry, there are enough people left to “enjoy” your country. Animal cruelty is not a Greek problem and if everyone on this planet would avoid countries with this “mentality” there would not be any tourism left. Nowhere.

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