Guide Dog Murdered By Poison Thrown In Her Blind Owner’s Yard

Guide dogs are a new thing in Greece. Functional blind people, able to move around and live a normal life are also a new thing, since Greece is a country where being disabled basically means staying at home.

The Greek cities are full of death traps for most people with disabilities and there aren’t even ramps for disabled people in most public buildings or schools. In all this mess, the Lara guide dog school, founded by Ioanna is like an ocean in the desert.

Diamond and her owner, Takis, during training/ Photo: Lara Guide Dog School

And as if the situation in not embarrassing enough for these people, humiliation and rejection comes knocking on their doors every other day. Last year, Ioanna, who is blind, and her guide were thrown out of a public bus because the bus driver simply wouldn’t have them there.

Diamond helping Takis cross the street/ Photo by Lara Guide Dog School

Today, one of the school’s guide dogs, Diamond, was poisoned in her own home. Who cares is she was a guide dog? Who cares if she was her blind owner’s eyes for two years? Dogs are not safe here, not even in their own homes, not even if they are certified guide dogs.

Diamond and Takis in the subway / Photo: Lara Guide Dog School

In Greece, poisoning is the typical way of dealing with unwanted strays or even the neighbor’s dog. Just a few pieces of broken glass or rat poison placed in some juicy snack, and thrown for the animal to consume and die a horrible, painful death.

Most typical types of “murder weapons”- glasses, nails or rat poison in food.

Diamond was a certified guide dog, trained by the school with a lot of love, and had changed her blind owner’s life. The two of them has received a three week training  on how to work together back in 2014, and after that, Diamond moved with her owner to Chios island, where he lives and works.

Diamond and her owner at the Aegean University in Chios, where he works / Photo by Lara Guided Dog School

And today, some “human” went to the store, bought some rat poison, put it in a burger, passed by Diamond’s home, threw the poisoned food in her garden and killed her. Just like that. Just because. Why not?

Diamond as a puppy during training/ Photo: Lara Guide Dog School

Going through the school’s facebook page, looking for photos of Diamond, I felt so angry that today is one of the days that I officially hate humans. You can see her training photo album here and her training with Takis, her blind owner here. And pray for us, if you believe in God, because we are doomed.


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15 thoughts on “Guide Dog Murdered By Poison Thrown In Her Blind Owner’s Yard”

  1. Today you hate humans???? What monster would poison a blind man’s service dog? I pray this person receives the worst Karma possible, may the rest of his life be full of misery!

  2. What a vile excuse for a human being. I cannot even imagine how somebody becomes so evil. In general of course I don’t understand why people hate dogs enough to want to kill them, but in this case it is even more extreme than usual. I hope the person is caught, and that even if s/he doesn’t get proper punishment, which is likely, that s/he is at the very least shunned by the neighbors. Surely it was somebody from the neighborhood, not a random stranger.

    1. It’s always someone from the neighborhood. It happens very often that people find their dogs poisoned in their own yards. It’s disgusting.

  3. I live in Crete and am only too aware about the dreadful animal poisoning – but killing a working ‘guide dog’ is another level. I have shared your article and have received a comment that this is propaganda created by the Turkish. How would you suggest I respond to that.

    1. What kind of propaganda? What does he mean? If he is suggesting that a Turk poisoned the dog, he didn’t. Diamond was murdered in a suburb of Athens, and the family’s other dog also ate some of it and was in critical condition, but he survived. We don’t need the Turks smearing our reputation anyway, we poison pets and strays every single day, this is a fact and anyone living in Greece know it.

  4. *The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated * Ghandi
    Well, ancient Greece maybe but present Greece has lost its greatness…..

    1. Unfortunately, the economic situation is bad and I wish you all the best. For a person to have killed that dog like that , they MUST have hated dogs and /or hated the owner for some reason. Or he has something they want and without the dog he has no way to stop them.

      I have a friend here in Florida who is a vet tech. That is what she says when she hears about poisoned dog. She also says the man must be careful who he allows to pet his dog….that is one way a poisoner get the dog to trust him… getting petted in the owner’s presence.
      Thanx for all you to for the animals…and THE WORLD.

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