Handicap Cat Dies After Living His Nine Lives To The Fullest

Handicap animals are not to be pitted. They can’t survive on their own out on the streets, but can have a happy life in a home. Melinos survived, against all odds, and lived his nine lives to the fullest. He deserved to be remembered, and the video above is dedicated to his memory. 

Here is what Julie, his rescuer, wrote about him:

“Melinos was originally from the island of Syros where he was adopted from the street.  Due to his dad’s position as Minister in Belguim, he moved there.  Sadly he was living on the 5th floor and fell from the balcony.  Melinos became paralyzed.  His dad then came to Greece to campaign and Let’s Be SMART was asked to babysit him for about a month.  We agreed and went out and purchased him a baby crib, handicapped accessories, etc. in hopes to keep him happy and healthy.   


After the month was over, and after his father saw what good care he was getting, it was decided to let us permanently care for him. Melinos had many challenges through his more than 3 years with us at our open home shelter.  We had to constantly take him to the vet for bladder issues, some skin ulcers, bowel issues.  But he always seemed to recover strong and was so willing to live.  


He started to like all the cats and he would scoot around the apartment in his pampers a couple times a day to get exercise.  He even had a few cats that would sleep with him in his crib.  He loved to watch Nickelodeon TV for the bright colors and movement, so our shelter kept the TV on from morning to night.   When we moved to our new large shelter we were excited that Melinos could now get more use of his wheelchair with flat and open space to run around.  He seemed quite happy.  


He even welcomed all our guests at our Christmas party and became the life of the party. Melinos loved attention and was extremely affectionate. Sadly a few weeks later, he had a lump of feces inside that needed to be removed and a slight bladder infection.  He was given fluids and we were hoping he would recover like usual.  Unfortunately he suffered a stroke and did not make it (01.07.17).  Melinos was such a strong little trooper that will be missed greatly.  He was very spoiled and had 3 women that cared for him, giving him baths, changing his pampers, letting him run free, even lastly around dogs which he did not mind.  I call him King Melinos, he ruled the house despite his disabilities.  RIP bud”


If you wish to support Let’s Be SMART, the organization that cared for Melinos, visit their website or their facebook page. For some useful tips on how to care for a handicap dog or cat click here.

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