Horror Dog Stories From The Greek Countryside

The Greek countryside is where most horror stories are conceived and enforced: poisoned, dogs, kittens and puppies wrapped in plastic bags and thrown in the garbage, hanged dogs, drown dogs, dogs chained in the middle of nowhere for their entire life etc etc etc.

This is the last day of a looooong summer spent in the Greek countryside, and this post is only about things I have heard (because if I also write about what I have seen I might end up looking for a publisher for my new book).

  1. “The mayor poisoned the strays. Municipal employees went around spreading poison all over last year, it was a massacre”

  2. “Oh this stray puppy just appeared a week ago. I have some canned food here to feed him, but I don’t want the locals in the cafe to see me feeding him, so I don’t feed him. If they see me feeding him they will be angry”

  3. “Don’t go for a walk around the village, packs of stray dogs are attacking people” (NOT)

  4. “The strays in the village attacked a man I know. They tore him apart. He went back to Athens the same day. They are very dangerous” (NOT)

  5. “Now that the summer is ending, the Phillipinos will eat them” (???)

  6. “Some dogs are evil”

  7. “There are strays in the square because this stupid guy keeps feeding them”

  8. “There was a mother dog there who attacked people, because she had puppies and they took them from her, so she got ferocious”

  9. “Stay away from this dog, it is sick. Eww”

  10. “Dogs belong in the forest, not on our sofas”

  11. “If you neuter all dogs then dogs will not exist anymore”

  12. “There is a woman there who feeds strays and if you pass by her house the strays attack you”

  13. “Germans are into bestiality. But there is a German woman who lives here. She is the only one who neuters, vaccinates, and cares for the strays. She is not into bestiality, but most Germans are”

  14. “Oh are you taking the stray from the beach? Where are you going to put him?”

  15. “Your dog is dangerous. He attacked my children. Don’t bring your dog to the beach again”

Finding: I need to get back to Athens ASAP. Or maybe migrate.

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4 thoughts on “Horror Dog Stories From The Greek Countryside”

  1. Please visit my page Hectors help for homeless dogs in greece, I was in Thessaloniki for 20 months, I am of Greek heritage but I’m an Aussie. Everything you have stated above I have had first hand experience with. But you forgot one: DONT FEED THE DOGS RAW MEAT BECAUSE THAT WILL MAKE THEM VISCIOUS AND THEYLL ATTACK US?
    I was spat on, hosed with freezing water, screamed at, I had stand up arguments every time I fed the dozens of stray dogs in my mothers town just outside of thessaloniki. I had dozens desexed, vaccinated, and I medically treated them for everything I could until the sickening backwards Greeks poisoned every one of them.
    I managed to save about a dozen, and yes. I did get them out to Germany, Finland, Norway. And yes I was abused and told that they were being used for beastiality! SERIOUSLY WTFS WRONG WITH THESE IDIOTS. IM ANGRY, IM DISGUSTED AND IM ASGAMED THAT THESE WERE MY ROOTS.

    1. Oh God… I am so sorry you went through all that. I can actually see people insult and threaten you, this is how narrow their minds are..

  2. Oh, this is extremely funny, in a way. Not. I guess the perception of people from the countryside is that they are, well, retarded. Like the Americans call them hillbillies, which is insulting. Those that are born in a certain area and never, ever leave.
    Hm, I am thinking about how – as a German – I can torture my two dogs today? Torture for Pebbles would be to not be fed today, which I will not do because if she starves to death I can’t torture her anymore (such a vicious cycle), meh. Oh, I could torture Petra if I cuddle her too much….
    Somebody please hand out brains in the countryside, it’s badly needed!

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