How (not) To Bring A Shelter Dog Home

Well, if you type “how to bring a dog home” in google search, you will come across dozens of good articles about it, and yet, most people seem to prefer doing things their own way.

If you are thinking “why do you care about what we do?”, well, I care about the dogs, and minor mistakes during the first days can result in big problems. If you are still thinking “why do you care if I have problems with my dog?”, I care because, first of all, I care about the dogs, so I wouldn’t want any dog to have any problems whatsoever, but the worst thing is that these minor mistakes that cause behavioral problems, can have a dog returned, like it happened with Christie.

Most of the time we hear things like: “he is damaged, he has issues etc” and none of those people understand that they are the ones who caused the problems. No matter how much we keep advising the families on a few simple steps to follow, during the first days, some keep doing things their way (the wrong way). Anyway, try picturing yourself waking up in the middle of Beijing one morning. Do you feel ok? Well, neither does the dog in a new home, surrounded by people he never met before.

Just give him some space, and time. Be patient. This video is more about what not to do and less about what to do, but the things we are not supposed to do are the ones that cause all the problems.

(Thanks for accepting this side of me too- I just can’t help it!)

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2 thoughts on “How (not) To Bring A Shelter Dog Home”

  1. Wow, Valia, what an amazing job you did in the video “bringing a shelter dog home”. You are becoming a super expert on dog psyche! Even I, who have been adopting all my dogs, never thought of certain things that you mention. This video should be given to every adopter at every shelter in the world!

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