Interstellar Love – Laura, Me And Other Infinite “Mes”

Yesterday we were watching Interstellar. For someone like me, who just read A Brief History of Time years ago and decided that all this was too much knowledge to fit into a tiny brain, Interstellar is comprehensible up to a point. After a while, I completely lose it.

We got into one of these conversations afterwards, about black holes, relativity, and the infinity of universe (or universes). Apparently, according to mathematics – and nobody defies mathematics – infinity means infinite possibilities. I can’t really grasp the idea of infinity, but the fact that someone exactly like me is living somewhere in the universe (or other universes – I mean, jeez!) is very much possible, according to the astrophysicists.

And the conversation went on and on, about the other mes (plural of “me”…) and their lives. Infinity means that right now there might be another me with short hair, another me living in Buenos Aires (ahh…), another me who is allergic to chocolate, and another me who never adopted Laura…
And that’s when I lost it. In my mind, there is absolutely no chance of any me in any universe without Laura by my side. I can accept one me living a completely different life, one me working as a secretary, one me being overweight, one me being homeless, alcoholic, incarcerated, but I cannot accept one me without Laura by my side. It’s simply not possible, no matter what mathematics say.

I love this dog so much, that I don’t even see her as another being – I see her as a part of myself. So the actual me is accompanied by Laura, always. And the actual Laura is accompanied by me, always. It’s an interstellar kind of love! If there is another me (or other mes) living somewhere in one of the infinite planets, universes, whatevers without Laura by her (my?) side, then it’s not really me, it’s just someone that looks, smells, talks and walks like me… But if someone looks, smells, talks and walks like me, why hasn’t she adopted Laura? What is wrong with her (me)?

(Did this even make sense to anyone else but me? Is there another me writing a similar post somewhere in another universe? Who owns the copyright? – or is copyright not interstellar?)

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