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Just A Dog And What It Can Just Do

I admit I made the video when angry, but I always like to think positive, and after publishing it and watching it again and again, I felt like I needed to be clear about what “just a dog” has done for me so far. Because it’s not just about the big things, but also about the little things. I never met a guide dog or a water rescuer, I never fostered a dog that can sense my blood sugar levels or lead a search party for a missing person. I have only adopted, fostered and met simple pet dogs, and they can do a lot. So here’s what “just a dog” has done for me:

– “Just a dog” makes me get off the couch twice per day and take a walk.

-“Just a dog” has helped me realize that my anger management issues need to be controlled.

-“Just a dog” made me go from using high heels 24/7 to buying sports shoes to protect my feet.

-“Just a dog” showed me the awesomeness of nature – I am a city person but “just a dog” prefers the beach, the mountain and the forest, and “just a dog” is right.

– “Just a dog” taught me what it feels like to care about someone else more than you care about yourself.

– “Just a dog” helped me go for a coffee or on vacation on my own, without ever feeling actually alone.

– “Just a dog” makes me smile every single day, because “just a dog” doesn’t like a frowning face.

– “Just a dog” makes me want to come back home every day.

– “Just a dog” helped me realize which of my neighbors to trust and which to avoid.

– “Just a dog” made me realize that it’s ok to have a dirty apartment once in a while, as long as your soul is pure.

– “Just a dog” never cares about my frizzy hair or my out-of-fashion clothes.

– “Just a dog” will sleep by my side every night, no matter how bad of a day we’ve both had.

– “Just a dog” can look so deep into my eyes as if he can look into my soul.

– “Just a dog” sees in me every single moment the person I always wanted to be.

(Huge thanks to my two dogs, Laura and Apollo and to all my foster dogs who made me who I am today – I could never imagine becoming a better person than the one you made me)

just a dog
Laura & Apollo

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5 thoughts on “Just A Dog And What It Can Just Do”

  1. I found a few more:
    “just a dog” couldn’t care less if I need to lose five lbs
    “just a dog” couldn’t care less if I need to shower badly
    “just a dog” always (really) always listens. And understands

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