Just A Dog – An Answer To Spam Comments

Just a dog / Come on, it’s just a dog / Save some people instead / Children in Africa are dying and you care about a dog etc etc etc. Youtube has this amazing capacity of making you watch all sorts of videos you wouldn’t normally choose to watch, so “just a dog” comments come and go, from people who simply don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

I used to ignore them, then I started needing an answer for them. But coming up with a quick and clever answer every single time was time consuming and boring.

So, this is how this video came up. Every time I get one of these, I simply answer “watch this, you are in it” – I never get a reply (this is either very good, or very bad, but frankly I do not care).


I remembered these people again, because in Cinnamon’s video, comments like these thrived. Cinnamon is a cat, not a dog, but still, she is not “just a cat” – it might be to some people, but she isn’t to me. Or maybe she is, but still, her being a cat is what makes her special.


“It’s just a… ” simply makes no sense, when talking about someone else’s love and passion for whatever this “just a…” might be. Imagine me spamming the Vespa club page for example, commenting “it’s just a bike, save some dogs instead” – how weird would that be?


Anyway, this is the angry me again. But I am just a person, and this is just a video – and thanks to freedom of speech I can talk about whatever I want to and however I want it to, and this time, it felt GOOD.


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