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Keep Your Dog Indoors – This Is Why

I’m just too tired – we all are – of having to explain over and over again, to people who come up with all sorts of ridiculous reasons, why they should keep their dogs indoors, that I simply can’t waste any more time and energy having the same conversation. And keep in mind that in Greece, a lot of people in the cities live in apartments and keep their dogs in the balcony 24/7. The dogs basically have their beds, their kitchen and their toilet set for them in a balcony – and I’m guessing that when they have to be taken outside for some reason (like a visit to the vet for example) they are removed from the balcony with the help of a tow truck or something, in order for them never ever to step foot inside their owner’s precious, clean, sterilized apartment. So this post is basically something for me to have as an easy answer in the future, and hopefully, thanks to copy-paste, I’ll never have to engage to any similar conversation, wasting my time.

Why keep your dog indoors:

  1. Why not?
  2. Because it’s too cold outside
  3. Because it’s too hot outside
  4. Because you love him
  5. Because he loves you back
  6. Because dogs are companion animals, meaning that they enjoy the company of people, not the company of trees, yard fences, dirt and mud
  7. Because they are companion animals, not lawn ornaments
  8. Because they might get hurt living outside
  9. Because they might get stolen living outside
  10. Because dog beds are a lot cuter than dog houses
  11. Because dogs are a lot cuter to look at than a bookcase, a sofa or the TV
  12. Because you get to pet them all the time
  13. Because they’re family
  14. Because you wouldn’t have you husband, your children or yourself living outside in a dog house
  15. Because it’s the 21rst century for crying out loud

Why do you insist on keeping your dog outside:

  1. Because you’re a hypochondriac and you need help
  2. Because you’re too ignorant to get an alarm system instead
  3. Because you’re too lazy to walk him and prefer having the gardener just collect the poop every week
  4. Because you’re to pathetic to tell your hypochondriac wife/husband/girlfriend/grandma etc that you want the dog indoors
  5. Because the dog is big and you still believe that big dogs need space (this is the 21rst century and we already know that big dogs don’t need space, just regular exercise –google it. Oh, I forgot, you’re too lazy to provide your dog with regular exercise)
  6. Because you just found him on the street and figured that he’s better off in the garden anyway – you’re such a hero, aren’t you?
  7. Because you have children (and are too lazy to teach the dog and your children how to behave around each other)
  8. Because you’re too lazy to house train your dog
  9. Because you’re too lazy to pick up after him (or a hypochondriac, I don’t know which is worse)
  10. Because you are one of those people who shouldn’t have a dog (but then again, there are people who shouldn’t have children either)
  11. Because you’re too selfish to put him up for adoption and offer him a chance to have a better life than the one he has with you

In case you’re one of those people who keep their dog outdoors and are not too offended already, here’s an idea: just try it, give it about a month, and if you still insist, then you are definately number 11 in the list above. Just give the dog up for adoption.

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