Kids And Dogs – How To Live In Harmony

There is nothing more awesome for a child, than being raised with pets. I didn’t have that growing up, and I missed it so much (and look where I am now!). The tons of videos with kids and dogs sleeping together and cuddling and eating off each other’s plates are cute, but they have caused too many misunderstandings and practical problems in animal welfare.

Parents tend to believe that this will be the case since the first day they bring the new dog home, and it isn’t. It happens very often that dogs are being returned to shelters, because they didn’t tolerate all the hugging, the playing, the yelling and the squeezing – and to be frank, nobody should be obliged to tolerate such a thing. The advice given in the video is only the foundation of building a steady relationship between kids and dogs, based on respect and understanding, but many of the things may vary, depending on the dog’s background, issues, age , character and of course, the child’s age. Please, if you are a parent, do your homework before adopting a dog, and if you are a child, try to understand what dogs really like and what they don’t. Their body language will let you know if he is in a mood to play, relax or be left alone. All advise in the video applies to adults too, of course – most of us tend to ignore or forget some of the basic stuff too.

* The children actors and the dogs “acting” with them know each other for years and most scenes were scripted and rehearsed. All kids have acted before in videos for this channel.

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