Kitten Abandoned On The Street – Someone Do Something

“Someone do something” – I thought it would be more than obvious from the title that it is an awareness video. I had the script ready for quite some time and we were just looking for the right kitten and the right opportunity to come along – it had to be a calm kitten that we could place in a box somewhere and be sure that he would not run off or do anything to hurt itself.

And then we rescued Sea Urchin – I know, weird name right? But it did fit him and it sounds a lot better in Greek – so I had my leading actor. The video was kind of a success I guess, but I get the feeling from the comments that people are confused. They keep asking whether the kitten has been rescued, why I keep film it instead of picking it up etc.

Ahinos the first day of his rescue

So, here’s the whole story: Ahinos (Greek for sea urchin) had been rescued by SCARS about a week before the video was made Still a bit reserved and quite calm as a kitten, I figured he would be a good spokesman for all the kittens dying in the streets of Greece every day.  The video was filmed within less than half an hour. We just placed Ahinos on the side of a pedestrian street – I was behind the camera and a fellow volunteer was right beside him, ready to grab him in case he attempted an escape – and filmed random people passing by him.

Ahinos right after the shooting of the video

It wasn’t a very busy day and we didn’t want to have him get very anxious, so I also passed by a couple of times, pretending to be an indifferent pedestrian. The woman picking him up at the end is a SCARS volunteer. We took Ahinos back to his foster home and the next day the video was uploaded. Ahinos has been already adopted and now lives with his forever family in Germany. He was lucky. But there are thousands of stray kittens in Greece who are never rescued. Blinded or even born blind, malnourished, sick or hurt, they barely make it to puberty – the wilderness of the city takes hundreds of lives every day. I guess if everyone picked up a kitten in need of help, the problem would be solved. If everyone neutered at least one female stray cat, there would be fewer kittens like him. If everyone…oh, well, wishful thinking. But in case this video convinces at least one person out there that they can be hat “someone”, that means having at least one kitten rescued – and that’s all I wanted.

Ahinos in his new home – I think it’s obvious how the name sea urchin came up!


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6 thoughts on “Kitten Abandoned On The Street – Someone Do Something”

  1. Hello,me and my 2 children arrrived just from Crete Hania,and we adopted 1 mother cat and hers 3 kittens.There are now about 100 cat less there because this family is soon safe in Finland and they can”t make more babies in the streets,we will neuter and spay them here in Finlands vet.And they all will be our loving members!

  2. The old ones and the new, the dying and the just born, all need that tender stroke and spoonful of food to make the difference between living well or scraping by, between love or indifference and passing on in sunlight or in shadow.

    May God bless forever your wonderful work and the stories you share with us.

  3. Thank you Valia for all your work. I, too, have two Greek strays living with me in Vienna now. My family and I went to Karpathos island numerous times for holidays and just loved it there. However, it started to bother me more and more to see all those sad stray cats (Karpathos has less stray dogs than obviously other places in Greece). We kept feeding lots of cats when we were there but the question always remained, and what happens once summer is over? I have four cats now and I feel like I cannot go to Karpathos anymore because my flat gets too small for any more cats and how can I go there without finding more sad kittens or injured cats I cannot resist taking with me …

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