Lazy Rescue Dog Finds A Forever Home To Be Lazy At…

Lazy is an understatement when it comes to Mrs T. Her story is kind of sad, not that she remembers any of it or that she’s affected in any way by what happened to her.

She was found when still a few weeks old inside a garbage bin, with both her ears cut. You see, Mrs T is a shepherd mix, and in Greece shepherds have their ears and tails amputated when still very young (don’t ask why).









I first met her a year ago, when I went there to film and photograph her. We entered the area where Mrs T lives and the dogs greeted us with wagging tails and pure enthusiasm. But her enthusiasm ran out in just a few seconds. She came to us, laid on out feet and never ever got up again. Never.

A couple of people have been interested in adopting her. When they came to meet her, Mrs T got up, ran to them, laid on their feet and never got up again. It’s not easy to place a dog that does not seem that…interested in being adopted!







Her adoption album was on the SCARS page for more than a year, until the proper home  was finally available. It’s the kind of home where nobody expects the pet dog to do much, and where Mrs T can be herself, without being bothered or stigmatized as weird.
If you are wondering how she got there, since she won’t walk, well…we had to carry her.

After she rested from all the hard work of …being moved against her will, she took a few minutes to sniff around the garden. She found the right spot, laid down and carried on being…herself.

Mrs T’s happy face (it never lasts long)

She won’t be the only pet in the house. There is another rescue dog living there, who is just as lazy as she is. They didn’t even got up to sniff each other while we were there, they just laid down and expected to be petted.

Mrs T and her new companion, Max, competing in laziness

Mrs T didn’t even blink when we left. She didn’t even turn her head nor was she confused in any way. Her rescuer and I left crying happy tears, and the last thing we saw of her was the back of her lazy body. That was it.

She is a weird dog. Maybe one of the weirdest I have ever met. She is so easy to love and at the same time so easy to ignore. In a way, I envy her attitude. For her, life is a lazy Sunday afternoon that, like Groundhog Day, repeats itself every morning. How is that not enviable?

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