Lazy rescue dog

Lazy Rescue Dog Simply Won’t Get Up. Never

Lazy rescue dog is just a title. A well deserved title when it comes to Mrs T. The video also depicts 100% what you’ll get if you adopt Mrs T But still it’s not enough. The last couple of posts were a bit sad, and since I’m a positive person and there’s even a category in the blog named: “Funniest rescue Pets”, I really need to share with you my experience with this particular dog.

Her story is kind of sad, not that she remembers any of it or that she’s affected in any way by what happened to her. She was found when still a few weeks old inside a garbage bin, with both her ears cut. You see, Mrs T is a shepherd mix, and in Greece shepherds have their ears and tails amputated when still very young (don’t ask why).  She wouldn’t have lasted another day, but I she was lucky enough to be rescued by an amazing woman, and has been well fed, well treated and taken care of ever since. She’s been living in an old factory yard along with two more dogs, rescued by the same lady. In case you’re wondering why she didn’t bring her, or the other three, home with her, it’s because there are about ten rescued dogs living in her house.

lazy rescue dog

So I met Mrs T when I decided to give all of this woman’s dogs a chance to get adopted. Because they deserve it. We would  make adoption ads for all of them, and try our best to find them a home. We entered the area where Mrs T lives and the dogs greeted us with wagging tails and pure enthusiasm. But her enthusiasm ran out in just a few seconds. She came to us, laid on out feet and never ever got up again. Never. We tried our best to make her stand, but it was worthless.

lazy rescue dog

Normally, for an adoption album you need different poses of the dog: a couple of portraits, the dog walking, sitting and interacting with other dogs of people. But that was impossible. Mrs T is the only one of the dogs in our website that doesn’t have any photos standing, or even sitting. Apparently sitting and standing isn’t something she does.

lazy rescue dog

Her video was a big success on our facebook page, but she got only two adoption requests – which might be even considered a success, given the fact that’s she’s a adult, mix breed, huge lady. When the first candidate came to meet her, Mrs T didn’t even bother to get up. Never. She was laying her big body on the food she had just been served, and would grab small bites every few minutes. She did nothing else. No sparkles, not tail wagging, no nothing. No connection was made and the candidate. No adoption progress.

lazy rescue dog

The second time she was visited was by a young couple looking for an easy going dog. But I guess Mrs T was too easy going for them. She did greet them. She actually ran to the young man’s feet, laid there in front of him, a few drops of urine appeared confirming her enthusiasm, and that was it. She never got up again. No sparkles there either. This is Mrs T. What you see in the video is 100% true. This is what you’ll get. A lazy 40 kilo bear looking Greek shepherd mix, with the laziness of an English Bulldog and energy of a sloth.

lazy rescue dog

I can only compare her to a high school teacher I used to have. He was huge, tall and constantly wearing sunglasses. None of us had ever seen the expression on his face for three years.  We were so intimidated by him, that we didn’t even dare to raise our hands in classroom, even if we knew the answer to a question he was asking. On the last day, we wanted to take a group photo. So we got in line, and so did he, but nobody was brave enough to stand right next to him, so the was about a meter or so separating him from the rest of the students. When the person taking the photo said that not all of us would fit in it, he kindly asked the teacher to move towards the group – and it was the logical thing to do, given that fact that it was thirty of us and only one of him. But instead, he just replied: “No, you all come towards me”. And we did. This is Mrs T. Do you want her in your life? You have to go to her, because she won’t be coming to you. Never.

She’s up for adoption by SCARS, and I’m hoping that eventually, the right person will come along and carry her to her new home – I almost forgot: she won’t walk on a lead either. She simply won’t.

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  1. Well. Mrs T would be perfect for an older person, or a invalid who just wants the company of a reliable sloth. Mrs t could be a gorgeous rug for other animals to lay upon…or is she a loner. Best of luck…Heh !! She is a Sleeping Beauty and waiting for her PRINCE.

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