Litter Of Kittens Abandoned Next To Garbage – The “oops” Phenomenon

Before making the video, I googled “dumb excuses for not neutering your cat”, and guess, what, there actually is such an article and the title sounds like something I could have written.

“I wanted my cat to experience motherhood/ The vet advised that she gives birth at least once/ Neutering is unnatural/ My cat will get fat and lazy after being spayed/ I want my kids to experience the miracle of birth etc etc” are some of the most common excuses that result in:
1. The owner not knowing what to do with the kittens after a couple of months and making them someone else’s problem.
2. Depriving shelter and rescued cats of a home, and this is not a joke. For every new kitten or puppy you decide to bring to the world, a shelter animal loses yet another chance.

It’s this time of the year when volunteers are actually afraid to walk around any neighborhood, in fear of what they may find. The kittens in the video are only three of the 22 (twenty two) kittens that SCARS has rescued in the past two weeks alone. Someone who has used one of the above excuses at least once, ended up with an “oops, let’s make them other people’s problem” and dumped them in a cardboard box next to a garbage bin. Excellent choice.

Some of the SCARS rescued kittens for adoption

I’m sorry is this is not the typical rescue-before/after/aww video, but I was just fed up. There is no point to promoting a rescue, unless you at least try to prevent something similar from happening in the future. If only one person in convinced, I will be more than happy.
You can follow the kittens’ progress in the SCARS Facebook page. For adoption please email: Donations are more than welcome (PayPal:

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