Local Reporter Justifies The Horrific Murders Of Stray Dogs In Zante

Local reporters are…local reporters. I mean, nobody is expecting “Huffington Post like” articles, especially by someone who lives in an island somewhere in Greece. But there is a limit to stupidity, and the limit is one: common sense.


I mean..hello! Even if you are an illiterate dog hater, you never go and post about it in public. It’s a freakin’ newspaper (!) -local or not, there are some limits to the opinions you are allowed to express publicly, and justifying tying up a stray dog’s legs and burning him alive crosses the line. In fact, I don’t even know if saying such things is legal.


To cut a long story short, on June 3, 2016, some of the stray dogs that were living peacefully near a bus station, in the island of Zante were poisoned, tortured and killed. One of them was burned alive. There was a mass mobilization after that and the local charity put together a petition  that has 22000 supporters so far, asking that the mayor investigates the murders.


*Reminder: According to the Greek law, intentionally causing the death of a pet animal is punished with prison time and a 30000 euros fine.

You must have seen it, it’s one of the most famous beaches worldwide. Well, it’s in Zante.

So basically, here we have a local reporter, actually justifying an illegal act – in fact presenting the perpetrators as heroes. What the…?

The newspaper is called Free Opinion (kind of makes wanna rethink the benefits of freedom of speech). Below is the article translated by the charity:


A real problem (by Kostas Melahrinos)

No civilised human being of the present day accepts the abuse of animals, of all animals, nor their killing, unless it is regarding animals that are destined to support man’s food chain.

Modern-day man loves animals, he cares for them, he tends to them.
Of course, there are exceptions.
However, there are also excesses.
By some people who put animals above human beings…
Possibly from ascertaining that they (the animals) resemble them!

However, there is one category of fellow-human beings who care not in the least for any other animals other than dogs, and especially strays. There is no reference to or interest in confined-chained dogs that are starving, skeletal and exposed to the sun, the snow, the rain, far from people. They are glued to protecting stray dogs.

We could comprehend their extreme interest in strays if a corresponding interest existed for the other animals. But as we said! Only stray dogs!

Do you think that everything reported by some (people) that “heavy deals” are going down with the strays, the lively ones, the good-looking ones, the healthy ones, the masculine ones are true?

That Zakynthos is at the mercy of stray dogs which form packs that, in addition to destroying domestic animals, have intensified their attacks on human is well-known. Few, however, take any interest in this matter and none of the local self-administration authorities do.

On the contrary, if, for self-defence reasons, a fellow-human being turns against the strays, protests and screaming begin. About the bad people chasing the benevolent stray dogs!

A few days ago an elderly fellow-countryman, escorted by his little granddaughter returning (home) at noon from school, came under attack from a pack of strays whose natural area of activity was the area of the old hospital. Granddad’s cane and some passers-by helped the elderly man and the small child avoid the razor sharp big teeth of the strays that attacked them, which could have been, among other things, carriers of contagious diseases. No authority, but neither any ‘dog lover’ took any interest in the incident. To find out what happened, to see what they would do, how they would deal with the problem.
Absolutely no-one.

So, a neighbouring resident who is bothered by the situation and is in danger himself, as is his family, ascertaining the general indifference, took action. And with poison bates (folles) he removed the danger of the strays in his area from his daily life. Some others possibly burnt the tougher ones (dogs) after first drenching them with petrol.

We must say. That’s a hard act, abhorrent. However, if the perpetrator had himself or his children fallen victim to the strays? Hence the balance is delicate.

That is why the ‘dog lovers’ should drop extremities, adjust to the real facts, and interchangeably discuss the existing problem.

To save as many strays is possible. Because, otherwise we will be seeing a prevalence of this phenomenon that took place the other day.”

Ah! I kind of missed the Facebook emojis while reading it. The petition demanding justice for the murders is still on. You can sign HERE.

*In case you are wondering..eehmm…NO, there haven’t been any reported attacks of strays to people. In fact, most strays rarely approach people, I guess you can imagine why.

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One thought on “Local Reporter Justifies The Horrific Murders Of Stray Dogs In Zante”

  1. Persons like him are, unfortunately, everywhere in Greece. Mean, full of hate, bad people who truly believe that they are God’s best creation and they have the right to do anything they want.
    But, since there is no real punishment for their actions (cause a 30.000 euro fine is a fine that will never be paid and they all know it – culprits and authorities) they feel safe not only to commit their crimes, but also to brag about them.

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