Long Way To Recovery For Tiny Dog Found With Broken Jaw

Long, painful and difficult,, Mara’s recovery is a bet that her rescuer’s are determined to win.  This tiny baby’s ordeal was a shock to everyone, when she was rescued on February 2017.

Mara was spotted in a village of Karditsa, in central Greece, by the local charity “Diasozo”. She  was wandering around the village with a broken jaw, that was literally hanging, and was unable to eat or drink.


Nobody helped her. Nobody. Mara’s injury was probably caused by pure cruelty. Apart from the monster that kicked or hit  her, the entire village  serving as a silent accomplice, kept ignoring the little one for two long weeks.


Mara has already had her first surgery and is recuperating slowly. The operation was not easy, neither will be her recovery, but the little one, as her rescuers say, is a fighter and a very patient dog.


She visits the vet regularly,  is being fed porridge and is on painkillers.  She is so tiny, and so sweet. It’s been almost two months already, and Mara still has a long way to go.


She will need a second reconstructive surgery soon, once she is stable and has recovered from the first one. She is a fighter and  has touched the hearts of so many people.


If you wish to help Mara you can donate to the local charity:  Association ” Rescue – Diasozo”
Court num. 16/2016
Piraeus Bank / Beneficiary Name: ” Rescue – Diasozo ” / No. Acc. 6244 1391 89 068 / IBAN: GR 11 0171 2440 0062 4413 9189 068
BIC: PIRBGRAA / PAYPAL: greekanimalrescuer@gmail.com

Visit Mara’s entire album here.

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